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News: HART's Ride for Life

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Anyone with an interest in motorcycling will want to attend this years Ride for Life, an annual free event organised by Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) in Tullamarine and Roadsafe Victoria.

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  2. sounds good mate
  3. last year i test rode the Transalp :shock: ( and some tasty bikes too :p )
    Its a good day out!
  4. STUPID LAZY FORUM BOT won't tell us the date...

    April 22 and 23, 2006.

    Be there, it rocks. You can ride all the new Hondas.
  5. Any real bikes there?
  6. Read it properly.
  7. Read it properly.
  8. Whoo hoo!! Perfect timing.

    Lets see Transalp, VFR, 600RR...hmmmm wonder if they'll let us on the Goldwing this year.
  9. SP2, 2 * 1000RR, 2 * 600RR, Blackbird, VFR, 600F4i, VTR were all there last year. hmmmm don't remember the transalp being there last year though.
  10. Cool !! wanna get my hands on a 600F4i :grin:
  11. You'll have to hurry if you want to get one brand new the 600F4i isn't being manufactured anymore. Then again the might drop in price to clear them out.
  12. Yeah was wondering why they selling for $12990 on road down at Jeffrey Honda, were $14,890 plus orc. How come they just brought out the 06 model though?
  13. I believe 06 is thier last year...but then again I can't find anything to verify that out in the ether so probably best not to believe me yet.

    Hold that found it again here
  14. Matty, the Transalp was part of the test fleet last year. As (i think) was the varadero.
  15. I rode the Transalp,900 Horny and the 600 F4i. I really wanted to ride a fat arse scoot and a big arse cruiser . But they didnt have them. My hubby wanted to ride the Wing, but they wont let u ride it, u have to go on the back!! We own sports bikes, so we like to try and ride something different. should try it, its a good insight into other styles of riding.
  16. Do you have to book test-rides in advance or just turn up?
  17. And why don't they do this at HART in NSW???

  18. You put your name down in advance, show your licence etc. and then they give you an approximate time to come back for your ride so that you can look around in the meantime and not have to queue up.

    I was talking to a lady from HART a couple of weeks ago for work, and she was going to find out for me if they are going to let people test out cruisers this year, cos I think there had been a bit of demand for them.
  19. Last year they had a tent which you booked on the day. So its a good idea to get thier early to get the bikes you want.

    Also you could only test ride 2 bikes per day per person unless the bike wasn't being used on that particular test run (I think there was a run every 15minutes for about 10minutes of riding) and you could sweet talk your way into getting a ride on it.

    Not sure if this year will be the same formula
  20. Ditto Matty's comments on this one - get there early and book your test rides, you'll then have to spend the rest of the day sitting about waiting for them, eating snaggers and watching the mini-motocross kiddies topple over.

    Even though the rest of the day's not all that worthwhile, it's worth it for the test rides and the HART course discounts... If I get the chance to do another intermediate course at half price, I'm in like Flynn. Great bit of training and well worth a repeat I'd say.