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News: Harley-Davidson to Open China Dealership

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Harley-Davidson Inc. will open its first dealership in China next month, marking its entry into the burgeoning economy.

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  2. Gee, I wonder when they'll be getting a Ducati dealership.
    I'm sure they'll go for the colour...
  3. Harley are going to sell crockery?????????? :LOL:
  4. Harley opens a dealership in China, two weeks later a Chinese company selling identical bikes for half the price will probably open across the road (actually the Chinese bikes might have a better build quality :p :LOL:).
  5. :LOL:
  6. I was under the impression that 250's were generally the largest bikes allowed in China. All the police bikes are GN250's and most road bikes are 125's.

    Given Beijing traffic, I don't know if you would ever get out of second on a Harley, but then as long as you're seen and heard...also, no such thing as lane splitting on a Harley with the wide bars, 400 local bikes would be in there before you.

    seems to be another example of brand conciousness that many companies are embarking upon to capture that somewhat ill defined Chinese 'middle class'
  7. fo those who hasn't been to major cities in china, especially Beijing. You will notice that there are ALOT of bicycles but nearly no motorcycles.

    Chinese government is very against motorcycles in cities saying it will only cause more traffic problems, etc.

    About 20 years ago, Beijing released 1000 motorcycle plates for those who are using is as a sport. These were non-renewable, meaning if you had crashed the bike, no more plate.

    There is less than 50 motorcycle plates in exististence.

    HOWEVER, if you are a foreigner and got caught riding a bike with no plate on, it would only be a small fine around $20 (cash to the officer of course)
  8. ahh the last frontier for the greatest motorcycle manufacturer in the world
  9. Well, the best marketing motorcycling manufacturer in the world...
  10. I have read that some Chinese cities (ie Shanghai) have banned motorcycles from major streets within city limits. However according to the world health organisation - in 2004 there were 67.5 million registered motorcycles in mainland China :shock:. Given the population of 1.3 billion this means an average of one bike for every 20 people so they must be reasonably common - especially since only 1 in 12 people own a registered vehicle of any type.