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News: Guinness record for Scooter-Art Le Minz 24 hour scoote

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Mark "Brownie" Brown has officially received his certificate from the world Guinness book of records, with his outstanding performance in the Scooter-Art Le Minz 24 hour scooterthon held in Sept 2005, claiming the record for most kilometres travelled with a 24 hour period on a 50cc scooter.

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  2. I was there that night.. Most boring spectacle I've eva seen :LOL:

    Seeing these scooters do lap after lap.. couldnt even hear the darn

    When they had their breaks & the minimoto's took to the track
    was brilliant seeing em tear around the track.. sparks flying
    everywhere bc of titanium knee sliders.. crowd would come alive again :cool:
  3. Are there going to be any more of these ? sign me up! :cool:
  4. If you read the article, it gives you the data for the 2006 events and who to contact for entries etc.
  5. Mark "Brownie" why would someone do something so mind numbing boring a certain test of endurance. :moped: