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News: Garmin zumo Motorcycle Navigation Debuts

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. The Garmin zumo will be unveiled this week at motorcycling's premier racing event, the MotoGP U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California.

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  2. C'mon Garmin we need your GPS here !!
  3. Talk about a build-up to a non-event! It really isn't much news then, is it?
    Pity too - it does sound a lot better than Tom Tom Rider...
  4. Ahhh poo!!!!!!

    Arghhh, that would have been a perfect birthday present.

    Looks like the Garmin Quest still has my name on it :)
  5. How about we do some lobbying, then? GME-Electrophone is the Australian importer. Its email address is...


    I like the fuel gauge thingy. Although the trip meter usually is reliable enough and the fuel gauge is pretty accurate, it'd be another nifty gadgety thing to look at...
  6. If you go to the Garmin site, the international one ie www.garmin.com and go to the motorcycle section then to the Zumo link it takes you to a page about it. On the right hand side of the page there is a box headed "MapSource Compatibility" and you can select "Australia".

    I assume that means that the "MapSource Australia" will work with the Zumo. Presumeably that means we could buy one online from overseas and just load the OZ maps onto it.

    I have shot off an email to them and i'll let you know what they say.

  7. It does. All Garmins that you can upload maps to will take any Mapsource product. If the local guys aren't going to import it, and I can't see any reason why they shouldn't, then simply order one direct from a US dealer or get one off Ebay when sellers start flogging them and order it with Australian Metroguide (that's the autorouting version).

    Of course, if the seller will only sell it with the US maps, then you may have to fork out the extra $300 odd to purchase Metroguide separately.
  8. I got a reply from GME Electrophone, Garmin's Australian importer. "John" tells me that at this stage, the Zumo is destined for the US and Europe only.

    I replied expressing my dismay at this and suggested that there are a few riders out there who are interested in the product, and that if it can't be purchased here, some may get one via Ebay or buying it direct from the US, if possible.

    I'll see what his reply is and post the gist of it here.
  9. GME only import/distribute a small sub-set of Garmin's product range, mostly because of Garmin's disallowance. Something about price and prestige protection in a relatively small market. I've email Garmin themselves about this previously, and never received a response.
  10. I dunno about sat nav. I think it'll cause brain rot. Like how mobile phones have made us all forget our mates' phone numbers.

    I'd hate to lose the ability to find my way around on my own. There was some articlae about how techno-obsessed japanese guys with mobiles, PDA diaries and GPS satnav systems were relying on them so much that they were unable to remember numbers, appointments, dates or even how to drive to work unassisted... Scary stuff.
  11. What do you mean by this, in particular "disallowance"?

    I've heard, though, that GME is a bit picky about who it allows as retailers. Not sure why, though.
  12. You won't. Just like now, I presume that you use a Melways to find your way to an unfamiliar suburb, or a road map to get you to say, Tintaldra via Tumut.

    A GPS is merely an electronic version of this.

    For people who live in the country and who may have to travel to their state's capital, it saves a lot of hassles by merely plugging in the destination and letting the GPS calculate your route. Of course, doing it in conjunction with a paper based map helps to better understand the route.

    I've got one partly because of its gadget value. It's also a good way to run a speedo check as it should be as accurate a speed measuring device that you can get. I have to admit though, that the Garmin Etrex Legend series isn't that easy to read, as the screen is small. It's really meant for hikers and the like. The Garmin Quest or Tom Tom Rider would probably better better suited for bike riders. The Legend's map isn't that well detailed unless you purchase the City Navigator software, which costs over $300.
  13. havent had time to compare products but is this product better than the TomTom Rider which you can get from all over the place.
  14. I'd still prefer the Garmin Quest FOR MY BIRTHDAY ;)

    Shame the wife doesn't read these forums :(
  15. I had a look at a few GPS systems recently, and whilst the Quest is Waterproof, the screen is pretty small and you have to navigate via the buttons - i.e. no touch screen navigation - touchscreen makes it so much easier (maybe not as good with gloves on).

    I really like the Nuvi - small, compact and all screen. Very easily put in a pocket but not waterproof so would need a tank bag or can use a rack mount in good weather that I was told would cost about $75.

    See here for Base Model 300 or here for 310 with Bluetooth.
  16. Luckily for me as I post this, that my name isn't readily displayed. After reading that about gloves and touch screen, I got out the missus' Tom Tom One and put one of my gloves on to have a play with it. Seems to be OK, but sitting in this chair at a desk is a bit different to riding along where you have to try and use it without running off the road. It's probably in the same vein as using a mobile, I s'pose.

    Anyway, the missus just walked in and asked "what the photon are you doing???" in that sort of voice that precedes a call for the men in white coats and carrying oversized butterfly nets...

    I explained. She said, NO WAY. You're not using my navigator on THAT thing! I went on to say that I was testing it to see how the Tom Tom Rider would be like. She said to that - yeah, right. Like you think that you're getting one of them, after spending close to $13,000 on a new bike, new helmet, new jacket, new gloves, that luggage rack thing and $350 of GP tickets and caravan park fees"

    So, it looks like that I'll be stuck with the "old" Etrex Legend C for a while longer...

    Thing is, it has only the base map and I can't justify (read "not allowed") purchasing Mapsource City Navigator....
  17. TomTom Rider is definately the way to go.

    Had a good go of one on the weekend.
  18. Seems this thread is a bit old but I was at the Sydney motor bike show and they had the zumo on display.
    You could order one at a $100 discount but they were still uncertain of its release date in Oz.
    They did suggest early Dec 06 though. Seemed quite impressive and very bike orientated, which is nice.
    Water proof and shock proof. Much sturdier case etc. Buttons on the left hand side. Its also nice to be able to plan a route on the pc and export to it.
    Im hangin out for one. They suggested retail would be around the 1500-1600 dollar mark. As per the info sheet this includes all the wiring and mounts for both the car and bike (nice) .
    With that in mind I have spotted them on the U.S ebay for around the 1000($AU conversion not including postage) mark with U.S maps.
    Not sure of the costing of Oz maps at this point.
    Obviously if they are planning on importing them it may be the cheaper option.
  19. An old thread but Vic still wants one for his birthday. :!:

    I asked at the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo, and GME confirmed that they would be importing them, but didn't have one to show me. They suggested mid November as the arrival date. Of course, that didn't happen. :cry:

    A guy on another (US) forum has received one finally after a long wait and many delays in shipment. He got it November 27th, and is in California. I'm waiting for his review on his Multistrada. I will share when I know.
  20. Here's some pics I took at Sydney Bike Show. Anyone intersted can call Bran at GPS Oz on; 02 9999 2313 - he advised me they would be available before Christmas.

    The Zumo is a great looking unit. and features; half a gig of memory on board (maps use around half that), has expansion capability with SD card, easily conencts to a computer via USB, bluetooth so can answer your phone through it and some helmets (such as Nolan N102) have capacity to accept Bluetooth, of course waterproof, much larger screen than the Quest, audio in and out, two top quality RAM Mounts and power cables - one for car and one for bike. Checked a few maps and had the main dirt roads thorugh places like the Watagans

    Here I was thinking that with GPS now becoming pretty common, that the price would be simialr to the Quest, but was $1,599, or $1499 if you order it at the show. It is the dearest GPS by far, especially when ALDI are selling them for $399 now - sure they aren't waterproof, but $1100 will buy more than a few lifetimes of glad sandwich bags