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News from Nemanistan: ID scanners for clubs and pubs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Qld to roll out ID scanner network for pubs and clubs

    Queensland is set to follow in the footsteps of its southern neighbours and set up a network of ID scanners inside pubs and clubs that will see certain venues forced to collect the details of every patron entering during peak times. Premier Campbell Newman unveiled his government’s answer to alcohol-fuelled violence laws last month, under the moniker of the ‘Safe Night Out Strategy
    IT News

    I hadn't realised that NSW had already started this type of ID requirement in some areas of the Cross earlier this year. They must have snuck it in. It concerns me that people should be forced to provide identification in a social environment.

  2. Being a bouncer I think this is a great idea. It has been working well at the venues I work at. Sometimes it slows down entry into the venue but makes it very easy to identify trouble makers. As well as the hot chicks ;-)
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  3. I can understand and symapathise that it makes life safer and easier for Security staff but it does chip away at civil liberties. I am told by others more club oriented in my office here that it has been common practice to present drivers license and take photos of patrons. I was unaware of this. I suppose people have the right to vote with their feet and not use clubs that insist on such identification.

    In the end though Campbell Newman is an authoritarian; required ID at polling stations and now required ID at clubs. I don't think he will be happy until every Queenslander is tattooed with bar-code at birth. It's the ratchet effect, a little bit here, a little bit there and before long you are wearing QLD armbands and marching in lockstep.
  4. Going by the results of the By Election in Stafford, Mr Newman probably won't have a job this time next year.
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  5. If I read this right, it's an extension of providing ID (ie. proof of age etc.) into recording that proof of ID.
    It seems like a small step on the face of it, but it's how the recorded data is used that will tell the tale.

    For example, simply used to identify perpetrators of violence... or to identify for the enforcement of VLAD laws? Or would it in future be provided to interested third parties? Would it instantly bring up an individual's police record (or perhaps just their banned status)?
  6. Tricky one this. If it helps towards the safety of our kids then the first impression is ok, then you start to think deeper and the potential for abuse of the information added to the further erosion of privacy starts to become a bit worrying.
    Will it be a compulsory National DNA register next ? Everyone has their DNA taken and if you behave you have nothing to fear, mmm.
  7. Not tricky at all. They can get fcuked -
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  8. Yes they can but they probably wont.
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    Although an 18% swing against you is the electoral equivalent of being told to fcuk off.
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  10. It's been around here locally for a while now. Not a fan of it, but can't do much about it.

    And fcuk Newman. Prick needs a bullet.
  11. Is it widespread Collo or just at a select number of venues?
  12. Happens here in Melb as well. Had my ID checked and asked to look at the security camera.
  13. I got told to drop my pants
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  14. It must be a particular genre of club you frequent.
  15. they wanted to make sure it wasn't a gun in my pocket
  16. Why can't anyone on NR spell fuck correctly?
  17. There ya go, fixed it for ya.
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  18. But the question is, is there an alternative to stopping alcohol fuelled (or otherwise) violence?
    If people start misusing their liberties, they should be taken off them, because they don't deserve them, as simple.
  19. Governments like to exaggerate a problem so they can seem to be doing something.In fact QLD Statistics say offenses against the person plateaued in 2000 and have been trending down ever since.
  20. They've been scanning ID's in clubs (Wests, Panthers etc) here for ages.

    Pubs I don't know how long (I generally drink at home) but I went out a few weeks ago to a pub and no ID needed, but we went somewhere else about 1am and bouncer scanned our ID's outside before we went in.

    Dunno if they do it after a certain time or what. I'd say most places here would do it, the places I've had it done have been pretty spread out.
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