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News: Ducati trims workforce

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Italy's Ducati Motor Holding SpA will temporarily dismiss 100 workers.

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  2. It's a bit of a worry that Ducati manages to struggle even in these boom days of bike sales increasing at a rate greater than perhaps ever in history of motorcycling...
    Still, they are one brand I don't want to see go under... buy Ducatis you bastards!
  3. Finally! The ranks have been broken and heads are rolling over the dry cluth stuff up. :grin:
  4. I guess the problem is their target market, top end and rich, and there's not as many of them as there are of us plebs..

    And maybe they're spending all their money on racing and can't afford to pay their staff, that happened to me at the last place I worked :p
  5. Yeah but the greatest increase (at least in Australia) has been in scooters and cruisers - and Ducati don't make either of those. Supermotards are increasing in sales too and at least Ducatis having a crack at that market - though they're going to be facing plenty of competition.
  6. True, but still - as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats and so on. And they do have some hot products. Monsters practically created their own niche in the market, even if it was a while ago now. Multistradas sell very well at least in Europe, from what I understand... and Europe is not a small market, especially for a low-volume manufacturer like Ducati. Desmosedicis sold out literally in a blink of an eye... so what the heck is the problem? Maybe they really spend too much on racing, that's the only reason that I can see.