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News: Ducati Superbike 999 Charity Auction

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. How about a brand new Ducati 999 Superbike, custom finished with World Cup Socceroo's colours and signed by the the Socceroo's - all in the name of charity with proceeds going to Sydney's Westmead hospital!

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  2. =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

    I would love this bike! :grin: Anyone want to be my sugarmummy? :LOL:
  3. Bid was 49k when I looked last night, now it's at 60k.

  4. How about .... NO... pmsl .. read the BUS For Sale thread.. :LOL:
  5. Fuuuuu-hu-huuuuugly!
  6. Totally agree, $60k and you'd have to get it sprayed before you'd be seen riding it :LOL:
  7. Re: Got some spare change for a nice bike?

    :grin: :cool: :grin: :grin: :LOL: :grin: !!!!11!!!
  8. Far out. I could have designed a better freaking decal set than that. Idiots!
  9. soccer-whos???
  10. Somebody just outbid me. :wink: :wink: Maybe this one is not really for me. I'll try next time (for another bike) with a bigger bid. I didn't like the graphics anyway. :p :LOL: :cool:
  11. :LOL: :LOL: the highest bidder is og1983bodybuilding ...

    my guess is that 1983 is the year he was born, bodybuilding is his life and 'og' is his primary sound of communication :LOL:
  12. Far out, he's 3 years younger than me and can afford a 60k bike!
  13. He probably invented the oggy knobs. That's why 60k is easy.