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News: Census day is coming .. make riding great!

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Tue August 8th is national census night and Netrider calls on all riders to ensure you ride to work that day.

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  2. ride to work for the census

    worth a shot

    this was forwarded to me earlier today......

    > Get on your motorbike next Tuesday and forward this message to your
    > bike riding friends.
    > Forwarded:
    > As you know, Tuesday August 8th is Census night. And as Ernie says
    > in the ads, all sorts of organisations (government, business, etc.)
    > use the data collected from the census, for all sorts of reasons.
    > Now as motorcyclists, one of our biggest problems is that we are
    > "invisible" to government. This is our chance to change this.
    > Now we would obviously never ask anyone to incorrectly complete
    > their census, so we are asking everyone to ride their motorcycle to
    > work on Tuesday August 8th. That way, when you complete your
    > census form that night, you will be able answer Question 45 (How
    > did the person get to work ... ) by marking the box "Motorbike or
    > motor scooter".
    > And please tell anyone you know who rides, to do the same.
    > A very simple step, and one that will help in raising the
    > visibility of motorcyclists. The more visible we are to
    > government, the harder for NPWS etc. to simply ignore us.
    > Dr Scotch
    > DSMRA
    > Sydney & Hawkesbury

    Get on it

  3. No worries I ride to work every day!
  4. Our Census form arrvied yesterday afternoon.
    Asks the neceassary questions.
    Then asks are you online?

    Answer - Yes

    As she pulls out a sealed envelope says
    " Log into site, in here is a unique code, use that along with number on this form & you can do it now if you want & dont have to wait till Tuesday night."

    Gawd now how stupid is that
    Fill the form out on the 8th ( yeah right who really waits anyway )
    or can do it online when your ready.
  5. I wonder how well the online site would cope if most of Australia all tried logging onto it around the same time Tuesday night anyway. Only problem I've got is since I'm a student doesn't matter if I ride or drive that day since the bureau of stats doesn't seem to care how people get to Uni. Funny given that around here Uni traffic makes up a very significant percentage of total traffic - since there's really only one road between the city and the Uni and most students drive.
  6. I always ride to work...
  7. Anyone else still followin Jedi as thier major religion too??
  8. Nope .. Netrider is my religion :grin:
  9. I'll just tick that i ride whether i do or don't on tuesday
  10. I ride to work almost every day... but if something were to happen and I couldn't ride on Tuesday I'll still be putting down that I ride
  11. Yes, sad geek that I am, I've marked this for the past several census days.