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News: Bikie turf war fear in WA

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. POLICE fear a bloody turf war as one of the world's most notorious bikie gangs moves in on WA.

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  2. If only these riders nod when passing....this entire war can be avoided :LOL:
  3. If this is such a huge problem then they should pull up all the turf and replace it with rebound ace :p
  4. Why isn't forumbot showing his netrider colours, I smell a turf war mutiny starting within netrider.
  5. I think netriders should all move in on WA and kick all their butts.
  6. ooooooooh bikie war. whose gonna throw the first water bomb? :LOL:

    seriously though thats a bit harsh on the other gangs part. like why would they move in when there are 5 other gangs already there? :?
  7. Just wait till ulysses have their AGM in Perth... ooo, it'll be on then :shock:

  8. The DBA MC are too lazy to go to Perth.
  9. http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200602/s1569481.htm

    Busselton police, in south-western Western Australia, say they will continue their zero tolerance approach to outlaw motorcycle gangs after recent confrontations with local gang members and associates.

    Police say about six Rebels motorcycle gang members tried to intimidate officers at the weekend after a female associate was taken into custody at the local police station.

    She had allegedly bitten and kicked two police officers and made threats to harm them after being stopped for a traffic offence.

    Police have also charged two associates of the same gang over a serious assault outside the Busselton TAB in December.

    Senior Sergeant Brian Wilkinson says the public can be confident police have the situation under control.

    "To the motorcycle gang, you either toe the line or you're going to end up in the lock-up," he said.

    "We are not going to have this community intimidated by them and we're definitely not going to put up with any rubbish from them at the police station."
  10. nice chick :LOL:
  11. don't say shit like that... coz i ordered a netrider number plate frame and i can see that one day I'll find myself surrounded and outnumbered by members of said club or similar.
  12. :LOL:
  13. WA always makes the news for all the right reasons :grin:
  14. Now that is friggin funny :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :LOL:
  15. is it in the news over there duffman or is it just eastern state journolism at its best??
  16. I had to remove mine for that exact reason. No direct confrontation, but when several STUPID people on this forum (probably just forum trolls, not even full NetRider members too, I expect) decided to let fly at one of the clubs, I took mine off. I live too close a clubhouse for that to be safe.

    I no longer display Netrider regalia on my ride. Not anymore, probably not ever again.
  17. Voyager it is sad to think you had to do that because of some people on here are so neiave to think that what they say about these clubs:

    1. what is said wont get back to them
    2. members of that club are on here looking
    3. that members of a club are guests
    4. members of these clubs are members on here
    5. that these clubs take there clubs and remarks made towards them very seriously.
  18. Some of these clubs have built a reputation out of taking things VERY seriously.
  19. People should not comment or make jokes about other clubs especially on a public forum, this can only end in a bad way.

    If one of these clubs takes offense to these stupid comments and decides that they want to make an issue of it , every person with a netrider sticker or number plate surround then becomes a target.

    when it comes to speaking about other clubs especially ones you know nothing about you should shut your mouths.

    being a keyboard hero might just get someone seriously hurt or killed.
  20. Mate never a truer word spoken, I have been to these clubhouses in my time and the boys are very serious about there existence, and frown very hard upon people who try to make fools of them. I have many friends in various 1% clubs and I still watch my p's and q's on this subject