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News: Biaggi follows Rossi again and test drives for F1GP

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Former motorcycle champion Max Biaggi survived a rain-soaked track on Wednesday in a test drive with Formula One team Midland.

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  2. .... however after the crashed on two corners in a row, he limped back to the pits and complained that there was a conspiracy against him and if only he had the same equipment as that German guy, he would be terrific.....
  3. "Formula One team Midland".

    Midland??????? :-k
  4. the new owners of the old Minardi team, Paul Stoddart's old outfit
  5. Ah...

    Max isn't exactly starting at the top, is he? :LOL:

    (Having said that, I've no doubt that by any rational standard a Minardi F1 car is an absolute weapon.)
  6. Having had Mark Webber, among others, drive for them, the question probably should be, are Midland starting at the bottom??

    {Cheap Biaggi shot.....}
  7. Re: News: Biaggi follows Rossi again and test drives for F1G

    bwahahahahahahahahaha. its about time that he accepted the fact he should stick to a mail route for italia post.
  8. Heh.

    I was thinking more that when Valentino wants to play F1 driver, he gets to play with a Ferrari.

    Max, on the other hand...
  9. Touche, and fine point, Clive :grin: