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News: Australian killed in Dakar Rally

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by hornet, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Damn!!! :shock: :( RIP ANDY :(
  2. :cry: Tragic loss of a very talented rider
  3. AUSTRALIAN motorcyclist Andy Caldecott has been killed in a crash during the ninth stage of the Dakar Rally, organisers said.

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  4. Sad times once again for the motorcyclists competing in the Dakar.

    My condolances to his family & friends here in Australia as well as those involved in the event itself.

    From the Dakar.com website

    Death of Andy Caldecott

    The organisers of the 28th edition of the Dakar have learnt today, Monday the 9th of January 2006, the death of KTM rider n°10 Andy Caldecott.

    At km 250 of stage 9 between Nouakchott and Kiffa, on a fast portion, the Australian biker suffered a bad crash. and died.

    Aware of the accident at 11:31AM, the rally headquarters immediately sent a medical helicopter that landed at 11:55 AM on the scene of the accident. The doctors unfortunately could only note the death of the biker that according to them struck immediately.

    Andy Caldecott, 41 years of age, was competing in his third Dakar. He had finished 6th of the 2005 edition and was currently 10th overall of this edition after having won stage 5 between Nador and Er-Rachidia in Morocco.

    To his family that was immediately contacted, the Dakar wishes to express its sincere condolences.

    And this from the same source

    The Dakar in mourning

    For the second consecutive year, the Dakar caravan was stricken on the route towards Kiffa. Australian rider Andy Caldecott, victim of a massive accident, was killed instantly at km 250 of the stage. Today also saw the retirement of Isidre Esteve, who was taken to hospital in Nouakchott following an accident. Cyril Despres posted his third stage win.

    The stage following the rest day spent in Nouakchott was to be the turning point of the 2006 Dakar. The sporting spectacle promised to the competitors was overshadowed by the tragedy that unfolded at km 250, where Andy Caldecott succumbed after an accident aboard his KTM. Alerted at 11h31, the organisation dispatched a medical helicopter to the scene of the incident. Arriving at 11h55, the doctors confirmed at 11h57 the passing of Caldecott, according to the doctors he was killed instantly.

    The Australian rider, who was participating in his third Dakar, retired in 2004 after completing the Atar stage with a broken ankle. The following year, he finished sixth in the final standings, with two stage wins at Smara and Kayes. Jordi Arcarons took notice of this performance and offered Caldecott a spot in the KTM-Repsol team to stand in for the injured Jordi Duran. Caldecott, a last minute entry for the rally, posted the best time on the Er Rachidia stage, and occupied 10th place in the standings.

    Cyril Despres didn’t have the time to enjoy his third stage win on the 2006 Dakar. Under other circumstances, this performance could have held a legitimate satisfaction for the defending champion, because before the start he wasn’t sure of his capability to deal with the pain from tendonitis in his right wrist. But despite his third success, the atmosphere in the bivouac is not of celebration, especially for the KTM-Gauloises team, which also saw one of its own have a serious accident. Isidre Esteve Pujol, who crashed twice, was taken by helicopter to hospital in Tidjikja He was looked after by rally doctors, he will be immediately transferred by airplane to hospital in Nouakchott for a medical scan.

    In the car division, today’s stage should have also created euphoria under normal conditions. Stéphane Peterhansel set the all-time record for Dakar stage wins, in taking his 51st scratch time. Co-holder of the record with Ari Vatanen since his victory at Atar, the Frenchman, who also stretched out his lead in the overall standings, stamped a little bit more of authority on the history of the rally.
  5. dakar sounds like an extremely dangerous race

  6. They have always said the Dakar is one of the most difficult races around due to the size and distance and varying conditions.
    Vale A. Caldecott
  7. This is just awful, most of all for his family, but also for the community of riders, especially the off road fraternity, and for motorcycling in general.
    This year, more than ever before, the Dakar organisers had gone to great lengths to try tro make the event safer. But the truth is, the world is a dangerous place, and even more so for those pushing themselves to their limits :cry:
    Sorrow, and condolences to the family.
  8. RIP andy that is one tough race especially for riders was watching it last night (on everyday 6pm [EDST] SBS) and they were falling down very often in the sand dunes...
  9. My condolences go out to the Caldecott Family.

    He was just given a full factory KTM ride for this Dakar as well, after shining on a privateer bike in previous years. A great talent lost. :cry:
  10. The Dakar is one of the toughest off road rallys in the world.
    23 deaths in 28 years.
    3 deaths in the last 2 years.
    RIP Andrew Caldecott.
    Condolences to family and friends.
  11. So sad , but im so not surprised. Watching that on the tele every night, it looks so incredibly hard. So exciting to see an Aussie doing so well too. My kids asked me yesterday if I could compete in that race, I told them I have greater chance of sprouting wings and flying to the moon.
  12. major tragedy.. great rider, prepresenting his country in a way too..

    you know what really shit me.. you see people like this with real skill, talent and riding sense going down, but idiots like no lights on boy and a heap of others like him keep on getting away.

    RIP andy, my condolences to family and friends
  13. Dale Maggs contacted KTM to offer condolences (Dale used to compete on a KTM and knows them pretty well)

    Book is HERE
  14. It is sad but as Brockie said he was doing something he loved which I think is how we'd all like to go.

    I watched the item on the 7:30 Report last night and it was very well done and not your usual sensationalising of the dangerous side to motorsport.
  15. And by all accounts it would have happened very quickly, which I guess is a blessing.

    But really, what a helluva shame. :cry:
  16. The link I posted to the condolence page seems to have disappeared so I have re-edited the post above to put it back...