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News: 2006 World's Most Beautiful Motorcycle Award

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, May 6, 2006.

  1. The Ducati 999R Xerox and the Ducati Hypermotard were recently honored with the "The World's Most Beautiful Motorcycle" award and several other motorcycles were also honored for their design.

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  2. With 4,300 Italians on the judging panel :)P), is it any surprise???
  3. The 999R is a good looking bike but i personally think the MV Agusta F4 Tamborini or Senna are much better looking bikes

    I LOVE the look of the Hypermotard. It's like a retro trail bike meets modern day road and something about it just has me wanting one. I think the Forks look hot aswell.
  4. I How can anything covered in sponsorship be beautiful?

    I love the 999 but the xerox one looks shit...
  5. Too True. I personally think that a 999R in Black looks the goods.
  6. I like the looks of the 998 and the ride of the 999.
    The lastest AMCN has an interesting cover with a picture of a prototype 1200cc Ducati Hypersports. It's reminiscent of the 998 and certainly whets the appetite for the future. :grin:

    I'll start putting the coins away today...
  7. Since seeing that all ive been able to think about it where im gonna get the money to buy one. Damn theyre gonna be sweet =P~
  8. That motard bike is the gayest looking think i have ever seen......
  9. mmmm.... MV's

    oh the Senna..... what a dream bike!!!
  10. *cough* suzuki gsxr 600 k4 *cough*
  11. but u still cant compare those bikes to my 1984 chrome mongoose :p