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News: 16,000 Kms, 15 Days, and 1 Scooter

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Commuters who have rejected scooters as being impractical transport might doubt that a 16,000 kilometre, 15 day round-Australia attempt on a scooter could possibly succeed.

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  2. I'd be more impressed if he did this on a 50cc Bolwell, and without a support vehicle.

    I was completely unaware of that reputation and I kind of feel it might come as a suprise to a few Melbournians as well :)
  3. We are allowed to park on the footpaths and Splitting isn't explicitly illegle... it makes it prety good compared to the poor ol Sydney Siders.
    [EDIT]And we don't have to pay on toll roads...[/EDIT]
  4. True, especially that parking thing, that is VERY nice! We get some parking spaces designated for bikes only, and lane splitting is not explicitly illegal here either. On the other hand, you also have speed cameras everywhere, and the local govt that doesn't even seem to acknowledge the existence of motorbikes in its planning and strategies.
  5. That's the same wherever you are :LOL:

    Somebody has :LOL:

    It just took her a lot longer. :wink: