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Newly weds suck! My NZ trip

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boo, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. My "just married" friend frm Scotland invited me to join them on the last week of their 2mth honeymoon in the North Island of the long white cloud. Incidentally I met my friend some 9yrs ago on the South island.
    So I accept & when she picks me up at the airport other than the usual salutations tells me that "we" hired a mini van & you owe us a hundred bucks... :? OK.
    Too bad I packed my helmet & intended to chk out the lay of the land on two wheels.
    We head to The Bay of Islands the following day. After a 4hr drive stuck in a cage on some of the twittiest roads I’ve eva seen :shock:
    In three days I managed to cram in as much sightseeing you can imagine. Every morning I invited the “newly weds†to join me & every morning they were far to are hung over to join me… Now I know what you’re thinking, they might want “couple time†yeah I thought of that, but they’ve been on their honeymoon for ova 2mths by now… Surely they shld be all shagged out????
    Day 5 the “newly weds†actually have a suggestion! “Let’s head to Orewa†we have friends there & your more than welcome to stay. The happy couple forgot to tell me their “local†friends are in the middle of moving house, with no beds/couch or tables to sit at & have two small children :?
    So I suggest we go out for a meal, but we cant coz their broke… “How abt we buy some yummy steaks & make a salad†to which they agree & I later find out expect me to pay for in full. Over dinner I convey my feelings of imposition to my “oblivious friends†& the following day they refuse to talk to me, for 24hrs :shock:
    HELLO! I’m not 16yrs old & when I ask for a lift to the nearest bus stop they refuse as they were apparently too drunk! Christ! So while they were out getting a road worthy for the mini van so they could sell it… Hang on, wasn’t it hired? Yeah… that’s what I thought! And now that I think abt it I paid halves for, yes that’s right halves for all the petrol. I paid for every second round of drinks for the first three days til I realised what was happening and the groceries I DITCHED THE NEWLY WEDS! :evil:
    After expressing my gratitude to the “local couple†I packed my bags & left. :tantrum:

    All I can say Is thank God I’m home now!!!!

    Ooo a word of warning, it appears that when you check your luggage in with Pacific Blue screaming children are automatically allocated & will be magnetised to you for the entire trip. Thankyou very much Pacific Blue, I must read the fine print in future! :mad: :LOL: :mad:
    Vodafone do not honour maxi caps over there let alone know how to set up international roaming despite my calling them often enough to sit in on hold long enough to chew up over $150 credit & only be able to make three personal calls. :soapbox:
    NZs beer-Red Lion is quiet good. The spirits are water down. Tattoo’s are huge over there & so are the islander men! Newly weds suck. There are no speed cameras anywhere& the roads are something out of a dream. Did I mention newly weds suck? :LOL:

    Three days out of eight were great & there's some shots in my photobucket just follow the link to NZ Trip.
    Sulk over! :-({|=

  2. Shagged out after 2 months?

    Got news for you, me dear.

    Shoulda ditched them earlier and got a hire bike.
  3. Damn Scots!!!!

    You know it was two Scots fighting over a penny that invented copper wire don't you??

    Sounds like a crap trip. Invite them over to Aus and make them hang out with allyour scary biker mates, and they have to ride pillion every where, BUT they got to buy their own helmets... :LOL:
  4. Think of it as your recon tour, so you know exactly what to do [and what not to do] next time :)

    That said - pretty disgusting behaviour by the moochers. I know to bail early now, if i'm ever in a similar sitch.

    Ur home now!
    Safe & sound...
    Familiar territory...
    Local bottleshop ;)
  5. Right so is that when "you know you know" then?
  6. I only got to "friend from Scotland" and "in New Zealand" and I was crying for you already!

    I'd have waited 'til they were asleep and taken their van to get to the airport!
  7. i guess you don't call them friends any more? :LOL:

    nice photos, especially that one ........ yeah that one ;)
  8. *cries* Just saw the photo of the guy with the tatts...


    :( :( So very...very...New Zealand. :( I miss NZ. :cry:

    Sorry you had a shite time there - shoulda left them and gone off on your own...it's such a magic place/people/culture. :( :( I gotta go back...
  9. the way you got stooged i think you should come to the pub with me.... it'll be you're round first and 3rd ok.... but only between 5 of us ok :)
  10. Certainly a good indicator.
  11. Tats are for poofs.

  12. So boo, let me get this right, you flew to NZ to spend a week in a small camper with 2 newly weds on honey moon and then you come here and complain about how crap it was?? :shock:

    Well young lady FUKIN DERRR, this had disaster written all over it before i got to the end of the first line. :p

    Now 10 days in Tassy next march with a bunch of mates on bikes THAT sounds like fun :grin:
  13. Welcome back Boo, sorry to hear bout the crap holiday. :)
  14. Right...Well seeing as tho your profile gives jack all away, I'll pretend your a girl chking out the tatt's on the guy with the man muscle. I always was sucker for the curve above the hip :wink:

    Thanks to everyone else for putting up with my little sook, I'm so glad to be back. I'm thinkin the plan is pay off the c.c a little, buy some leather pants & a superbike school day, get a dive ticket & then save up for a trip to Vanuatu chk out the local talent...Ummm I mean tattoo's.
  15. Ugh, you were getting used hard core. :(

    Good thing you realised at some point and ditched them. :twisted:

    Superbike + dive ticket + Vanuatu + local talent = good plan. :)
  16. not a girl boo, a bit more manly than a pack of angry lions and horny baboons :LOL: . not checking on some pooftah's photo w/tatts either, my six pack is more eye catching than some poorly used ink. :p
    just glad you did plan b (taken from cat in the hat movie) cut your loses and ditch the "newly" weds :rofl:
  17. Hey boo, wanna hear about my very recent trip to Japan with 6 others (Tam my partner being one of them) ?
  18. Hey Boo.......I know you feel let down by the scots, Im sorry to hear that.

    My honey moon was a quick fang around Tassie, no hangovers and no whinging. You should have came with us if you where looking to be an onlooker on a honeymoon.....at least you could have riden a bike.

    In the defense on Scots......we are not all tight arses, and we are not all boring drunk whingers.

    If the same was to be said for Aussies then you would all be thick as shyte which I know your not, as 3 aussies have surprised me with there witty intelect in the 5 years I have lived here.
    yourself included.

    Sounds like a shit trip and I know you where looking forward to it. Nevermind you will just have to plan another one without the Scots getting involved.......including me as I ride like a granma and I dont drink ...so I would be useless....my arse is not worth looking at unless Im standing in a feild of cows, then its worth a look....! ! !
  19. Lets hear it!!!

  20. Spot on brother

    Saol fada chugat