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Newly minted from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ebonyrose, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Introduction post huh? Well, new to the forum but also new to the world of owning a bike. Done about 70,000 klms on the back of one, but now its my turn. Bought my first bike on Sunday and will be booking my QRide as soon as the bank account allows.

    Still grinning like a mad woman, this is going to be great!
  2. Well done.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. G'day and welcome.

    What ride did you pick up?
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    Virago 250. I'm a cruiser girl at heart.
    We found an older model that's pretty much been rebuilt from the ground up that was in our budget. The custom paint job was just a huge bonus.
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    Trying to work out how to upload pics. I read the FAQ but the directions aren't valid as there is no upload file button.
  6. Welcome aboard, you will have to load some bike pics up for us to applaud. Showcase is a good place to do that.
  7. Welcome to Nutrider!
  8. New users have a few restrictions, they don't last long. Keep posting, things will open up to you.
  9. Thank you, I thought I was going mad!