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Newly looking to buy first bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Johnnyb64, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hi all, newly here. Doing my permit next week and then looking to get bike the following week. Any advice is welcome. I am looking at CB 500 FA or Yamaha mt03 maybe 07. I am 6ft and weigh around 87 kg not looking to commute but more weekend riding for a bit of fun and to spend some time on the road with my partner. She rides a CB 300 RAG but I am looking for a more upright position.

    Anyone have any thoughts??

  2. Welcome Johnnyb64Johnnyb64, best thing to do is go and sit on a few. The MT's are great bikes with good reviews.
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    gday Johnnyb64Johnnyb64 and welcome to NR - another baby boomer here, also a '64 model. as 69SIM69SIM says, go sit on a few and ride them if you can.
  4. Hey mate welcome to NR, jump on as many different bikes you can. Unless you have a very short list or preference.
    You may need to look at the larger of the LAMS bikes to find something comfortable for your frame.
  5. For your size and weight the bigger capacity the better. The mt07 would be my first choice followed by the cb500, depending on your budget
  6. Hi Johnny,

    I am the same size and weight as you. I explored many options (naked, sports, cruiser etc) and decided that a sports tourer was for me.I ended up with a Kawasaki Ninja 650L. I enjoy the upright positioning and being powerful enough, but not too much bike for my skills. Whilst I can't compare to other bikes, I can say that I love this bike and have not regretted buying this as a lams first bike.
  7. If you like the look of the mt03 do it properly and save some cash buying a real motard like a drz or wr450.
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  8. welcome to the forum
  10. Thanks all sat on a few MT's fave. Might start easy on the 03 and work up some confidence
  11. Welcome to the forum Johnnyb64Johnnyb64 ,

    It's all a learning process and just try, try, try. Throw your leg over and test ride as many as you can. You never know which one may surprise you with their character.
    You'll have fun doing it anyhow :)
  12. Welcome to NR...

    MT is a good choice.
  13. Welcome!

    Wise words, what suits others may not suit you.
  14. In the same situation :) bit younger and lighter but same train of thoughts maybe I'll see you around at one of the netrider homebush drives
  15. just get yourself a H2r