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Newly licenced, against the odds!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by POW365, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hello Netriders,

    Just passed the test for my L's recently.
    Trying now to purchase my first bike, but having an issue with my partner.
    She's really not keen on the idea that I want to ride and seems determined to stop me.
    Using the kids against me, threating to post online that I dont care about my family or even willing to host an intervention.
    Wanting to ride my pushbike to work in the past resulted in sleepless nights and arguments.
    It's been hard to get to this stage and I hate lying but I really want to be a rider.
    Ever since my dad has been riding I have wanted nothing more.
    I feel like I have no other choice than to be deceptive, sneaky and defiant.
    There is no sign of understanding and I mite just have to pull into the driveway with my bike and face the consequences.

    They say it's better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission right?
  2. I'm gobsmacked, either go get a bike and deal with the consequences or go home and do as your told.
  3. Oh wow yes, love it!

    My parents and my g/f originally weren't too thrilled when I got back into motorbikes, especially when I got my Ls and was able to ride on the road, but they grew accustomed to it after realising how much I enjoyed it, and after a few anecdotes about my ability to circumvent incidents on the road caused by cagers; I think it helped them realise that being on a bike isn't an instant injury/death sentence. Although I haven't got kids, and they weren't anywhere near as opposed..

    That's a shame your partner doesn't want you to experience something you are obviously very passionate about.
    Is it just the potential danger that she doesn't like? Or does she have a more personal reason, such as the loss or near loss of someone close due to a motorcycle accident?

    What would be the possible consequences of rocking up with a bike to show the missus?
  4. Welcome to NR (y)

    Sounds like your partner has to realise that in life, when your numbers up- it's up. Be it in a cage (car), plane, on a bike, walking ... Whatever...

    the choice is yours matey.. We're only on this earth once. Why not enjoy the ride...

    Good luck!
  5. Just putting it out there... She sounds like a biatch.

  6. Welcome mate,

    Nobody in my family was happy when i got my learners, they all told me that i should have bought a car instead. But they knew it was what i wanted so they didn't really stand in my way.

    Maybe you could invest in some extra rider training to show that you're just as concerned with your safety as she is.
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  7. Fa feks sake, what is wrong with people. If its what makes you happy DO IT!
  8. Uhhh.... really?

    divorce her asap, no one should be that controlling over your life.. seriously.

    get the bike, and if you don't want to face her wrath hide it at someone elses house or down the street.

    sounds like you have more pressing issues in your marriage than her not wanting you to ride a motorbike.. if shes that pathetic to post online that you hate your kids or whatever or host an intervention?? over what?? wtf.

    surely you're trolling, if not... (insert whip noise here) you're pretty whipped and need to make your own decisions in life, and if she can't handle that then.. good on her.
  9. Man up and be upfront about getting the bike, everyone needs a hobby/pastime/passion. If you argued and lost sleep over riding a pushie to work then best of luck getting approval for riding a motorbike. Being deceptive, sneaky and defiant and turning up with a bike will just make her resent it and you more. Pleny of riders have kids, it's poor form to use them against you and threaten with posting online and interventions. I wouldn't want to be with someone who dictated these aspects of life, perhaps thats why I'm single.

    My 2c
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  10. Life goes so fast, you'll end up regretting it if you don't continue on with it.
  11. POW365... Either ride, or leave her.

    No sane-minded person would stay with someone like that ****ing ball buster.

    I watched 'the hangover' last night (channel nine).


    I lost a good riding mate to a whore slut wife that made him feel guilty for riding motorbikes now that he has a kid.

    **** THAT. Grow balls. leave her.
  12. This is a great troll.
  13. Far out , replies are a bit full on.
    Try and look past his name and go
    With muffins advice.
    It wont be easy though - the name that is
  14. Firstly welcome mate(y), tough call. I have recently divorced won't go into the details but for the first time in years i'm doing something for myself. I have children 3 in fact. Life is short enough, I guess do what you feel is good for you we all need something. Good luck mate;)
  15. grow a pair


    get a bike for wife - I am sure it would be a good swap/trade in your favour

    You would rid yourself of a depreciating asset that is now costing you money for something that will give you a new pep and vigour and enjoyment in life
  16. I had similar issues with the fiancé,

    "motorcycling or me"

    Had a great ride today ;)
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  17. His name made my laptop get a hit of caffiene again..when my brain married up the post with the user name..

    I really have to stop taking a sip of coffee before I start reading a post on here.. prisoner of wife.. classic... sorry OP, not takin the piss out of ya..

    Carry on... (y)
  18. High value life insurance policy will normally keep even the most anti-bike spouses happy.
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  19. Kinda sick of doing what im told.
    I wanna feel free with the wind whipping past me.
  20. Thanks everyone.
    When I get my bike I will post the pic.
    I think having the bike will give me the strength I need.