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Newish Spyke Leathers hmmmm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blue_muppet, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Finally I’m back on two wheels again. It’s been a month and a bit now since my off and I’m so glad to be back riding.

    Everything has pretty much healed up apart from my wrist and lower leg which still get sore from time to time. Bike on the other hand has never looked better. Mind you, I certainly paid for it :LOL:

    Since I have so much money right about now :? I went out and put a deposit on a set of leathers that I’ve been eyeing off for the last week or so.

    Here are all the details.

    Spyke Millennium Collection – Berik Design. (2 piece)

    Size 52

    Make in Romania

    F. Poliammidica (Nylon) – this was on the inside tag.

    Closest I could find on the net was this http://www.spyke.it/prodotto/index.php
    Look under 2 peice and "Race Hunter" They pretty much look like that.

    I picked them up second hand and are in surprisingly good nick. Few scuffs on the knee sliders and are in need of a good wipe down but other than that they seem perfect. Question is, they look like leather, smell like leather, feel like leather but……I can’t find a tag that states that they are in fact made of leather!!

    Has anybody heard of this suit before because I can’t find a damn thing on the net about them? I presume this is because they would be a few years old.
  2. From what i've heard, Spyke gear has a decent rep amongst the track day'ers i've been chatting with. I'd be 99.9% sure it's leather.
    They've been advertising a fair bit in AMCN & RAPID (the two mag's i read), so i'd say they're a decent brand that's here to stay.
  3. I have some Spyke gloves and they are very good. Watch out for the dye in them running.
  4. Had gloves and still have a textile jacket which is great. Had it for a year and money well spent.
    Can't say about the leather but if its made with the same attention to detail as the gear I have should be good.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. From what i've heard they seem to be pretty good quality. Lets hope they last me for years to come!

    Is there any sure fire way I can check if they are made of leather? Special test? A sign from the almighty? Help! :grin:
  6. mate if it looks and smells like leather then it probably is the tag would just be saying that the lining is nylon. Cause i guess they reckon you know the outside is leather so they save a few cents on the labels :wink: :)
    From what I have heard Spyke are a pretty good brand and have been around for awhile. Just wish I could buy of the shelf but when your shaped like me means you look daggy or save up for some custom ones :wink:
  7. Just came to a relisation. I think there might be a chance i'm not getting the real deal. After checking out the site and finding out that the company is based in Italy, why does it say Made in Romania on the lable?

    Maybe i've put down a deposit on a fake suit?
  8. Nope, in all the ads in magazines it clearly states made in Romania.
    They certainly sound like the real deal to me.
  9. lol ok thanks mate. Put it this way, I got it for a very good price some I'm just wary about its quality.

    Thanks for your help people. Now all I've got to do is pay it off!
  10. you'll find that most of the big selling brands are getting their gear made offshore, theres only a few that actually have their gear made in the country they do business from...
  11. hmmm its a pitty. I guess over in those countries with a far lower social economic status it would be d#@kloads cheaper to manufacture.

    Just like Kraft (mmmmmm peanut butter) here in OZ. Shut down a few factories down south so they could open up new plants in china. Gets on my nerves sometimes. :mad: