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Newish Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by l337AzzA, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Hey All!
    Newish rider back on a machine.(Had a bingle few months back)
    Just got my full license but thought still stick with a Lams.
    Picked up a 2nd hand MT07 and wowie shes a beauty.
    Fantastic bike, the torque! (My first bike was a cb125)
    So id thought id rekindle my account and say hi again.
    See you out on the road!

  2. Howdy and welcome (back) to NR!
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  3. G'day and welcome back, l337AzzAl337AzzA. LAMS or no, the MT-07 is a great bike that should keep you interested for a long time.
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  4. Welcome mate :cool:

    MT07 is an nice bike :D
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  5. Welcome!!!
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  6. Welcome to NR
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  7. Welcome (again)
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  8. hi Sam Worthington and welcome to NR!

    wait for it........
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  9. welcome aboard :)
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  10. Well, first time in weeks Adelaide hasnt rained a Fri night/Saturday. So decided to go for a few spins.
    And everything said above about the MT-07 is true!
    What a bike! Its a torque monster! That engine wants to lauch.Every.Single.Time!
    And its a Lams.... lol ... wow.
    Great to be back on the road, thankyou all for your posts!
    Stay safe!