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Newish rider. What to upgrade to....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pt, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all.
    i'm a new rider in NSW (sydney), just got my Ps. Ive been talking to a few people about what bike to move onto once i get my full licence in a years time. I'm currently sitting on a honda cb250 and ive been told hopping on a 600 or something similar is a big step. Is there anything in between that i can hop on that will make the change a little easier? are these claims that a going onto a 600 is a big step even true? i have a feeling they are so im really wondering what to look at.....

    thanks, pete

  2. depends on the rider. a 600 can be a huuuge step for some but others can take the jump to a litre without any dramas. if your worried, try a 400 4 or a 600 twin, they're much more forgiving. i reckon a XJR400 or bandit 400 might be the shot if you like the naked bikes, they're similar in size (frame, wheels etc) to the 250s with better brakes and have a great little punch without being scary.
  3. thanks for that. i have some direction now. ive noticed that alot of the bikes people talk about arent commercially available here in australia. are these bikes imported or just not marketed? im totally new to the scene so i have absolutely no clue. with regard to the two bikes you mentioned, does the bandit 400 have a similar 500 available commercially here? if so is that bike learner legal? and lastly, would you reccommend looking at something a little bigger like the cbr600/zx6r so that the need to upgrade after a few years would disappear?
  4. Hi,

    I got a RVF 400 (see for Sale ad) when I got my L's.
    Bought it after recommendation form mates that worked in the industry.
    Similar dynamics to the CBR250R/RR, easy to ride with 400cc performance. Parts are OK to get as several classes race the bikes in NSW.
    If your keen to talk reply to ad in For Sale category
  5. I'm wondering the same sort of thing myself, with an extra bit thrown into the equation: I do a lot of my riding with my sheila on the back of the bike, and thus I need a pretty large bike that can handle a fair bit of weight (ie. up to and beyond 200 kilos) with ease.

    So I'm thinking of jumping towards a litre from my 250 just for practicality's sake. I'm thinking FJ1200, Diversion 900, VFR800 at this stage, although I don't mind the idea of another, 800 or 1100cc cruiser either.

    I just wonder how long a 600 would do the job for. At the same time I wonder if I'd be signing my own death warrant by giving myself access to such ludicrous power.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  6. If your on a cb250 and pretty confident sort of rider and 600 isn't too big a step....test riding a few bikes to see what comfy is the key :)

    I went from a ZZR250 to a SV650S Twin and hated it.. the step up itself wasn't a problem but the difference in riding style from the inline to the twin, plust the set up just didn't agree with me. The SV was a great bike, just not confidence inspiring in my case :)
    I traded my SV for a CBR600F and found the CBR so much more comfortable for me as in riding style..although I haven't ridden it nearly as much as I would like! It's easy to ride, but I certainly haven't reached its full riding potential and may never do but I am confident when riding it :D
  7. Think about the CB750. That was the bike I bought when I was getting back into riding a few years back. Mine was a 92 model. Not too powerful but it has enough, nice and comfy and it makes a great commuter or tourer too. It's a basic bike but I'd still own one if I could afford to have a second bke just for cruising around on.
  8. Power is only ludicrous when not used wisely I guess.. I've had a friend upgrade from an Across to a ZX9 and he's no loose cannon on the road out there..so..depends on the person.

    Can recommend the VFR from your g/f's point of view..super comfy to pillion on the back of and I hear you don't even remember you have a pillion half the time! It can certainly handle the weight as well... I've pillioned on my CBR600F (under sufferance) and the passenger was 110kg, the bike felt real weird to me and I didn't like how it handled at all.
  9. just saying "jumping to a 600 is too big a jump" doesn't really cover it right. jumping from an old 250 twin to a brand spankin new gixxer 600 would be a pretty insane jump if your not to confident, but to an older 600, 750, 900 tourer etc would be easy as to convert. size of the motor isn't the only factor in how crazy (or fun) a bike is.

    best thing to do is ride a few bikes and see what suits your style. no point buying something that you need to rev the balls out of if thats not the kinda riding you like.

    if your in vic, then anything over 260cc is illegal on restrictions ($110 fine and no points tho mind you :twisted: ). if in NSW then a few 400 4s and 500 twins are availiable to you. XJR and Bandit 400, GS and ER 500, these are just the ones i know.
  10. The upgrade totally depends on you. Your self control and skills play a big part. In your heart (not your ego), if you know you can't ride for s**t and are a complete lunatic risk taker on the bike (upgrade to a cage). If you can physically and mentally handle a bigger bike, go for it. I'm hoping to upgrade in Feb and will most likely be looking at a litre bike.
  11. as has been said already i guess it depends on your level of confidence,
    ability etc...

    my b/f went from a cbr250r to a cbr929rr and has never looked back, but as has also been said, he uses the power wisely. (also ok to pillion, i've done so many times :) ).

    i'm now riding the 250 but can't wait to be unristricted, i dream about the
    day i'm riding on my new 600rr lol maybe i'll need added soles on my boots as i'm a little vertically challenged :LOL:
  12. upgrade also depends on what you expect or need from your bike, My bike is my only form of transport and I often need to travel longish distances for work, so I wanted somthing easy to ride, comfortable,low fuel consumption and naturaly with a little bit of zip so my upgrade when that time came for me was a Gs500e
    it does the job as a commuter but you certainly dont notice the hills as much as you do on a 250!

    on the other hand if you are after a show piece forget it.

    think about the different styles of bike too, a larger cruiser, will give you more power but may be easier to handle than a sports bike.

    well good luck on your search and stay upright
  13. Take a few bikes out for a spin, then go to a different bike shop, take a few more bike out, then go to a different bike shop..................
    eventually you will discover that only a Harley will do the job!!!!
    After all....you want to upgrade dont you?
  14. PIGGS!
  15. Difference in engine size/power if you're on a sportster or a cruiser. Your XV1100, for example, won't be anything near the rocket a Fireblade would be, despite having a similar size engine. If you're going to the sportster (you traitor!! :p ), you may be OK with a lower-capacity (even with a pillion). For a cruiser, I reckon you'd be safe on pretty much anything. I've seen you ride.
  16. this is a good question to ask actually....

    i can answer this in two parts...

    my 1st bike was a brand new honda xr250 trail bike.......did get offroad a bit on it and it was a great learners bike but there was really no need to buy a brand new bike.....i sold this and bought a yamaha yzf600 as my next bike.....its a nice bike but really looking back on it i think i could have gone straight for a bigger bike........that is what i would recommend to you
  17. i'd go the vfr, very nice looking/sounding bike, plus fun in the twisties and good 2-up. nearly got one myself but out of my price range at the moment
  18. I went from a fzr250 straight to a yzf750r. I also test-rode (when seeking an upgrade) a vfr750, a rf900r, and a zzr1100. The zzr I found 'heavy' compared to the other bikes I test-rode, and was the only one that didn't make me feel comfortable on it.

    While the first two weeks on my new bike were 'enlightening' it certainly did not worry me. Provided whatever bike you move to take the time to get used to it and 'respect' the difference from the 250 (or whatever your last bike was) there won't be any problems.

    I was willing to go for a bigger bike, but wanted that all-rounder - performance, commuting, weekend rides, pillion comfort, etc. Was looking at the vfr's but like roundabout56 they were out of my range and got a yzf750r instead. Great bike for all my needs, no regrets.
  19. Pete,

    How tall are you?

    How big are you?

    what sort of riding are you going to do?

    What sort of money are you thinking of spending?