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Newish rider from the North Shore, Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RatherCeebs, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been lurking these forums (as well as gstwin.com) for quite a while as I was learning to ride, thought I may as well join up and start contributing. I bought a 2004 GS500F about a month or two ago, also soon to sit my P's. I've clocked about a thousand k's on top of the original 6000.

    Here's a photo of le bike.


    Thanks to the pointy nose and colour scheme, I've named it Pikachu :)

    Quick question #1: After flying off the bike going down a steep driveway a few days ago, I emerged with a couple of scratches and bruises and the bike was in a bit of a bad shape. It's been more or less repaired but I'm finally looking to get the front suspension springs replaced. Any suggestions on where to go? I got quoted $250 from Lloyd Penn.

    Quick question #2: The fairing was cracked a bit on the upper fairing, just below the right indicator and there's also a small seam on the lower right fairing. Any suggestions on repairing/replacing?

    I'm also keen on rides, both Netrider or otherwise!
  2. Welcome mate.

    Lloyd is a top bloke and a great mechanic, I've taken all of my bikes there over the years
  3. Cheers!
    He was definitely very helpful when I went in last week. It seems he has a lot of support from Netrider too? I'll probably be taking the bike back in for the suspension in a couple of days.
  4. Hi there. What happened to the suspension?

    To meet some people for rides you should try the learners sessions over at Homebush. It might help for you Ps test as well. Even though Chris is away now for a few weeks the sessions should still be on. Just post in the learners thread to show interest and I'm sure something can be arranged.
  5. Hey! Nothing, save the fact that the springs are extremely soft. I've been told from lurking forums and Lloyd in Artarmon that this is pretty common as it's designed for the non-faired GS500s. I'll be swapping them out for something a bit harder so I don't pitch forward every time I use the front brakes :p

    I'll keep an eye out for those, a friend who also rides a GS did mention something about Homebush. Thanks for the tip!

    PS. Absolutely love your dp.
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  6. G'day [MENTION=36202]RatherCeebs[/MENTION], nice to meet you. Sorry to hear about your little moment. I'd like to able to tell you that stuff like that never happens when you've got years of experience, but I'd be lying. It happens less, but ... And it's always embarrassing, and often expensive. Still - they're heaps of fun.
  7. Agreed! I've enjoyed driving a lot before I got my bike licence, but never have I wanted to drop whatever I was doing to go for a quick (or not so quick) spin at any time of the day. Definitely a whole heap of fun.

    A mate of mine was telling me about a guy who lost his balance and dropped his Ducati 1198 at a petrol station, in front of 20-30 riders. He then went inside and went off at the girl behind the counter about "spilled oil" - nothing came of it, of course. Apparently the spectators were too busy having a chuckle amongst themselves to really help out, haha. That was rather unfortunate but also reassuring :p