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new'ish member, shout out to all :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. g'day kids

    as i was browsing the boards i saw the newbie section and though i better do a greetz thing to get out there and known in the 'hood'

    well lets see got my learners about 2'ish years ago now not long after i found this site, signed up for a membership and became a silent troll just quietly watching things unfold. then after an extended 3 month learner period i upgraded to my p's and was riding around on a mates 98' across. right as i came off the size restriction i upgraded to a 98' zx7r for 5k (awesome buy) and well you can say the last 5-6months on the zx7r is history. the bonus is i'm still alive.

    in the past week i decided to get back into the biking community as the organised rides with mates were falling through and i needed a bigger stock pile of riders to choose from hehe :D

    thats it from me, see you cats at coffee, bbq, drinking and maybe even the occasional ride days ;)

  2. Welcome to the outter world of Netrider. No need to stay in the closet anymore!

    No shortage of riding buddies round here!
    (Keep it clean people..... :? )

    See you at coffee Friday!

  3. Hey raffiki, welcome to the forums :)
  4. dont forget Coffee night
    the same place as always , down at southbank
    (Victoria for all the interstaters)
    all welcome
    slowly goes as you make your way up to where we park
    if you need directions ring 0412214612 (Groberts)
  5. Welcome to the madness Raffiki :)
  6. Welcome to the forums Raffiki. Cya at coffee night... or maybe the bbq this Saturday night.
  7. Welcome aboard... :D

    One day I will get to coffee night..
    Lisa :twisted:
  8. hahaha i was just about to ask if the newbies were a welcome part of the bbq festivities, sweet :)

    work screwed me around with my pay this week (which should be in the bank grr) if its there tomorrow you'll see me at the bbq night if its not see you cats at the coffee night... even though i hate coffee... nonono i didnt say that! i can change! i love coffee!!!... oh crap i've done it again :D
  9. Hi raffiki! Welcome to the nut house!

    :D :D :D