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Newish Melbourne rider here, hi all! :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Buzzmonkey, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I had my L's about 4 years ago, was riding an FZR250 then, and a Virago briefly. Let them expire, collected the odd bike here and there anyway, and now at 33 got them again.

    Currently riding a Hyosung '06 model GT250R, not like i remember the FZR! I call it Hyodung, for obvious reasons. It just feels twitchy all the time, being mechanically minded i've rebuilt top end, gone over everything with a micrometer, it all checks out. Just twitchy. Oh well, lol. So me and corners, i wasn't that great before, but now! Hoping to tap in to some learner rides, i could use the assist!

    Also sitting on a 1994 Cagiva Mito 125, 1989 ZXR250A, and a 2002 ZZR250, gotta clear them out, lol.

    Well, i hope to make some great friends here and benefit from the wisdom and experience of this great community.

  2. Welcome aboard!

    The VIC announcements forum has word on learner rides - join in the fun!
  3. Thanks Luke, appreciate the heads up, :)
  4. You working up to the bike in your avatar?? :LOL:

    You are most welcome in the Netrider world; there's something for everybody here, and much that can be learned. Dive in and enjoy.
  5. Welcome to NR LogeyBear76.
    Hope to catch you on some rides soon.
    Stay safe!!
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    Hornet - Yep, sure am! I've always wanted a 748, one day.......... :) Explains why i have a Mito, although the poster would've been easier to hang on the wall, lol. Thank God someone gave Massimo Tamburini a set of colouring pencils one Christmas as a kid, ha ha.

    Gilesy - See you out there, looking forward to it, :)
  7. welcome bud, where u from?
  8. Probably here....... Newish Melbourne rider here, hi all! :)