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newish 2 netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by qbnspeedfreak, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. sorry 2 gunho just realised was supposed 2 post an intitial hello in here, looking forward 2 recieving tips n giving tip (what little i know). used 2 ride dirt bikes as a lil kid n last yr decided it was time 2 get my bike licence last year got a month left on the p's and then my learning will step up 2 a bigger bike. currently on a gs500f loving the bike n how it handles but fell it maybe lacking some straight line speed (after being passed at a completely legal speed (well i swear it was) by some disgruntled harley riders jk they were top blokes...

    any as i said look forward 2 hear from anyone dont mind abit of criticism if any1 feels what i say is wrong point it out we all gotta learn some where.

    hopefully catch up with some of ya's out on the black top doing what we all love, riding our machines
  2. welcome from me tooo....
  3. jesus guys and girls dont all be 2 welcoming now lol
    thx 2 kezza n charmed
  4. hey there - u'll probly find more people talking on the threads than in the welcome area i think......how's the riding going?
  5. cheers kezza riding going great be even better in a month once them pesky p's r gone from the back
  6. mine will be better once my bike gets fixed and i actually get back on the road to do confidence-building..... :?
  7. oh no good what happened?
  8. bike clutch doesn't work proply so it needs checking and fixing. and my confidence needs building simply cause i've only been riding for about 9 weeks now...... :grin:
  9. hahah good stuff u enjoying it so far? actually i gotta go out n adjust mine thanks for reminding me :grin:
  10. i enjoy the riding but i'm still a bit tentative which means i don't enjoy it quite as much as i could. i've been off the bike for two weeks so it will feel a bit like starting from scratch again once i get back on....ah well - persistence wins.
  11. this might sound stupid but dont think about it so much, this is where the nike saying comes in "just do it", when i done my p's test my sister done hers at the same time and the instructor kept whcking the front of her helmet saying stop thinking about it n do it...

    u still need 2 concentrate but try not 2 think about it 2 much theres alot going on while your on the bike that you may miss if your thinking about how you are riding, and get out with some other riders n just hang behind them observe how they react 2 things, but dont push yourself too hard and dont always follow their lines, work out whats comfortable for you and it will all come for you
  12. Good advice qbnspeedfreak, and welcome :wink: :grin:
  13. thanks cruising gal,

    been riding with the ulysses 4 the past 15 months so done a lot of following lol
  14. thanks for the advice - my friends always tell me i think too much :LOL: :LOL:

    tonight i went to coffee club and just watched people riding up on their bikes and thought 'i can't wait til i can do that too'.

    and tomorrow, even though bike isn't working i reckon i'll just turn it on to listen to it for a while.

    two weeks would appear to be my limit for not being on the bike.... :)
  15. oh i dont know if i could go that long don't go a day with out throwing a leg over

    hope you get yours back soon :grin:
  16. it'll be fixed soon - worst part is it is still actually in the carport - i have gone and just sat and looked at it a coupla times :LOL:
  17. what do u have btw?
  18. it's a virago 250
  19. awesome least its not another gpx lol so many of them getting around now