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Newie from South Aus

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kevlux, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Hey folks.

    Just a quick intro.

    People call me Kev, I'm an Irish lad living on the border of SA and Vic. Been here for nearly 5 years.

    Riding a 2007 B-King.

    I'll flick up a pic when I figure out how.....

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  2. Howdy neighbour, welcome to NR :) Keep posting, after few posts (about 10?) you'll be able to upload photos.
  3. Ah, righteous!

    Thanks Fr33dm!!
  4. Welcome to NR... Irish Kev.

  5. Sup kev and peoples I'm a noob from Adelaide too just wanted to say hi
  6. Welcome to the forum from Adelaide
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Hi Kev,

    Welcome to the forum, you won't be able to post pictures until your account upgrades to Member status. The banner under your avatar will change from Yellow to Orange when that happens. Post to the forums a few times and interact with other members and your upgrade will happen automatically within a couple of days.
  9. Welcome to NR where abouts on the border do you live?
  10. Hey SPRIGGAN82!! What ya riding? Adelaide hills are a great place to have outside your door!!

    No bother, thanks cjvfr!

    I'm living in Pinnaroo sircl6. In the Southern Mallee.

    Well, as of last Friday I'm officially a permanent Australain resident!!

    Off to the Moto GP on Wednesday. I had registered to do the Cranbourne GP run this year, found out this morning that I actually won a 3 day general admission pass through this!
    Happy to have won, but I'd already bought my tickets!! Ha! Ah well...
  11. welcome to Netrider the two of you (y)
  12. Nice, another King! Cool ride, black or silver?
  13. Nice I grew up in Loxton about 100km north of Pinnaroo.
  14. Black with powdercoated candy(ish) red(ish) rims!! The previous owner had it done. I bought it from a guy in Brisbane about 3 years ago. Had a lad inspect it for me and then got it transported down. Couldn't have been happier with it! Proven 181hp at the rear wheel!! Ha ha!

    Ah yeah, I know Loxton fairly well. You've obviously moved on from there?
  15. Yeah moved about 7 years ago. Lived there for 25 odd years. How long you lived in Pinnaroo?
  16. Nearly 5 years. Pretty much since I moved to Aus.
    Mechanic/supervisor on a potatoe farm. Was granted permanent residency last Friday. I don't think I'll be here for a sixth..

    Time to explore!
  17. Welcome to both of you. Those place names bring back memories of my three year sojourn in SA when I was a boy back in the fifties...

  18. Is that potato masters by chance? I used to service their vehicles when I worked in Loxton. Australia is a big beautiful country
  19. 181 at the wheel?! Stock they're 155-165 (my bone stock 2010 is 159); lucky bastard, yours probably had an ECU flash and an airbox mod. Cans & de-cat?