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Newie from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dna500, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to say hi and quickly introduce myself.

    I am new to riding, planning to get my L's early next month. Back in Italy, where I am from, I have been riding a glorious 1980 Vespa 125PX but I am completely new to anything else, I hope to do not mess up at the learner training/test!

    At the moment I am starting to look around dealers for a low budget learning bike, I'd love something like a Honda GB 250. Looking for some tips or suggestions on places where to have a look/avoid.

    Any sort of advice would be really appreciated!


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  2. Welcome to NR and to Melbourne...

    That vespa has the hand gears, Isn't it? Love those old school scooters.

    Isn't it easy to transfer your full license rather than doing a learner licence?
  3. Yes, hand gear it is! I am curious to see how I'll handle the different system (I am taking a 2 days course because of that!).

    About the transferring, you are right one but I do not have an Italian motorbike licence. In Italy you can ride a 125cc just holding and that's all I have at the moment.
  4. welcome aboard :] good luck with the test
  5. Hi and Welcome :) Not sure which side of Melbourne you are on but if you are on the Bentleigh/Moorabbin side, give Adrian at Motoheaven a call and see what he has in stock at the moment. The guys there (Adrian, Nathan, Rob) are fabulous - they found Jet for me (Ninja 300). There's also a couple of sites on Facebook where people sell their bikes - I've seen some good prices on there when people are upgrading but you would have to know what you are doing and I don't so better for me to go to a shop :) I hope you enjoy Melbourne and you come to practice in Elwood to say Hi :)
  6. Welcome to Netrider dna! :happy:
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    I learnt on a similar hand-geared scooter as well (many-many years ago). They are awesome! :D

    I've always wanted to keep a spare in my garage (just for old times sake).

    Bummer about the license. It will be 3 years before you get a full one...

    You'll be ok with the different gear style. The first action is the same and the concept is the same as well.

    Have fun!
  8. Thanks Guys!

    I letterally booked my test 5 min ago for the 7/8 nov! Will see!

    JeffcoJeffco davidkdavidk Thanks!
    DiantraDiantra - I am on the Norht side (Brunswick) but I'll contact them for sure
    Lazy LibranLazy Libran My final goal is to get a licence, a new experience on a differnt type of motorbike for the pleasure of trying and than... get back on a Vespa! But who knows!

    Thanks again!
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  9. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  10. Learner License - Done!

    I did a 2 days course at HART in Somerton Sat-Sun and really happy with the all experience (and outcome!).

    Now I just have to focus in finding the right motorbike!
  11. hey welcome to NR congrats on the test, alot of bikes to choose from make sure you sit on as many as possible, deciding the right bike is up to you and for the purpose you ride, commute? Bit of dirt riding? Cruise? like fairing or not? once you decide this part the rest is easier, otherwise you have some confusion
  12. Hi Goddie,

    I reckon at this stage I’ll be manly using the bike for weekend rides around Victoria.

    I found a Suzuki GS500 from a dealer, it does have a lot of kms but it’s a bike kind of famous to hold well the road. I’ll try to go for a test ride (if allowed) next weekend and maybe…. Will see.

    Any suggestion and what to ask to get a good picture of what I am buying?


  13. I as alot of people started on VTR250, naked bike like the gs500 but the gs can be used for alot longer due to size of engine. Sports bike like ninja 300 have fairing on them while your gs doesnt , means in cross winds the ninja will feel the wind more than your gs, pros and cons all over the place. What look do you like? Weekend rides ? we have learner rides on staurdays and sundays that are learner friendly. so have a look at the threads. some people like the 'cvruiser' look and choose them for comfort and if they are short as cruisers sit lower.. walk down elizabeth st in melb and look at the different bikes, really look and see what you like the look of, have a seat and you will find that most dealers will not let a learner test ride a bike.
  14. Thanks goddie!
    As soon as I'll have a bike (and after a bit of solo training) I'll join for sure, as expat I do not know any rider yet...
  15. reckon you should get to saturday practise sessions even if you dont have a bike yet, come down, have a look, people will let you sit on their bike if you ask nicely enough, talk to Doug and Dave who help learners leanr the right way of doing things. worth your effort turning up, dont worry if you dont have a bike, get yourself down there and be part of the netrider community.
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  16. I'll do my best but unfortunately Saturady morning is the only day I can go to motorbike dealers as I work the rest of the week!
    Anyway is the meeting still at "BP Petrol station, 54A Marine Parade, Elwood:" as per the first post?
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  17. yep thats the one. do alot of looking before you decide, worth even waiting an extra week
  18. Welcome, enjoy the journey