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Newcomer searching for that elusive 'super post'

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gidds, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone.

    Great great site, congratulations to you all.

    Just to introduce myself, I've recently arrived in Australia from the grey grey land of England and I am desperate to get my first bike!!

    I rode trail bikes for a few years when I was about 14 (off road only). Bikes run in my family but due to a lack of cash until now I haven't been able to afford a bike.

    My planned route into biking is the usual - small bike, licenses, bit of experience, bigger bike.

    My question is this: I have trawled your forum for a few weeks desperately trying to avoid posting the same as everyone else does (ie Can someone tell me what the laws are regarding how quickly I can get on a proper bike blah blah blah). I've read the predictably vague .gov.au sites but the information on there seems to contradict quite a lot of what I'm finding on the net. EXAMPLE: You can do your Ps 3 months after your Ls and if you have more than 3 years road experience on a full car license you are then deemed to be 'unrestricted'. That seems too easy for 20 year olds to get themselves hurt (no offence intended) - is that right?

    Usually on every forum there is a 'super post' that when fools like me ask these questions, everyone points them in the direction of the search function. Seriously, I've looked but the search thing doesn't seem to narrow it down too much and I keep getting side tracked by all the green-eye inducing biking tales!!

    ***Can someone please point me in the direction of an up-to-date post that details the laws in regards to L's P's full licenses etc? ***

    I stress that I'm not planning on jumping on a big bike any sooner than I feel ready (minimum 6 months regular riding on a <500 having worked up to that sounds sensible to me), but I would like to know where I stand.

    I live in Sydney, am 28, have driven a car in the UK for 11 years without anything worse than a rear-ender.

    (Sorry that turned into a bit of an epic...)

    Cheers all, safe riding,

  2. Hey gidds. In NSW if you're under 30 here is the process for getting your license.

    1. Do prelearner course, pass and get the certificate
    2. Take this to the RTA and do the DKT (driver knowledge test). 45 multiple choice questions. They will then give you your learners license for motorbikes (woo!)
    3. Get down and funky with your bike for 3 months (Ls expire after 6 months so do MOST before then or you have to go back to step one!)
    4. Do the MOST test at somewhere like stay upright, HART, etc. (book well in advance if you can as waiting list can be nasty). Pass and get certificate.
    5. Take cert to RTA to get red P license
    6. Twiddle thumbs for 12 months.. ok you can ride if you like :p
    7. Go to RTA and get your new full riders license
    8. You can now get phat bike.

    note: in NSW you can get LAMS bikes, up to 660cc as long as they are on the RTA approved list:

    note2: in between each step you are obliged to come to a NR ride with us! :LOL:

    Whereabouts in sydney are you? We shall ride sooon! :cool:
  3. Welcome to NR Gidds :)

    Have you tried starting your search here:

    Each state & territory has different rules regarding licence & testing requirements as well as bike capacity whilst riding in a restricted period. The information may also vary with overseas visitors / migrants, so if in doubt, it may be worth making a phone call or visit to your nearest RTA branch for clarification if you cannot find the answers on the site.
  4. - Guilty as charged. :) :oops: Although I should point out that my ancestors are from 'round ere'...

    Hey thanks for this information and the welcome, much appreciated.

    That LAM list is a godsend! I was thinking a slightly heavier bike would make sense in terms of a good in-between (250 and 600cc) option. I hope they don't have any plans to end the trial any time soon!

    Out of interest, do many new riders take up that option?

    I presume that pillions are a no-no whilst I proudly parade my P's? (Regardless of what bike you ride)

    I live in Pyrmont at the moment - although that may change in the future. Where do the NR rides generally take place?

    Thanks again,
  5. the unrestricted p's for if you have had over 3 yrs driving experience is for over 30 yr olds with a gold licence meaning no traffic infringments or marks against the licence for at least 3 yrs
  6. Bugger! The gold license is no problem but the minimum age has got me. I can't see any *additional rules* or mention of min age requirements on the RTA page linked previously...has that ever been confirmed with RTA?

  7. yes, they should mention it when you do the prelearners course
  8. Hmmm, good job I didn't rush out and buy a LAM bike this weekend then!!!

    Thanks speedfreak
  9. no worries quidd

    what kinda lams bike where you looking at, the lams (learner approved motorcycle scheme) is the mototrcycles that any learner/provisional license holder can ride, so you are still right to get a lams bike

    how much are you willing to spend etc?
  10. Ahhhhh, gotcha - so 30+ & gold license = unrestricted = any bike !!!

    And any age & standard P's = LAMS bike !!!

    (Sorry, been a long day)

    Not sure on the budget, am currently trying to persuade my sensible half that a wedge of cash would be far better spent on a bike etc than a "holiday" (I use that term very loosely) back to the UK this year. [Currently tearing my hair out due to repeated blank disapproving expressions]

    IF I manage to win this one, I'd probably be looking to spend up to around $4k on the bike and the rest on gear etc. [I just noticed your signature!! - how much is your GS up for?]
  11. Any ideas on pillions + LAMS + P's?

    (That could figure in the 'debate') :LOL:
  12. No can do - even the over 30 who get an unrestriced bike after "L's" can't pillion for one year

    And check out some LAMS 650 twins - quite a bit of choice and styles

    And as you are in Pyrmont - the netriders meet sometimes at Moreton's on Sussex St. Check out the NSW events forums for updates
  13. Thanks for that toecutter - makes sense.

    And thanks for the tip on the meet, hope to make it there soon.
  14. Meet up sounds great, wonder if they have one in Melb ?
  15. Yes. My learners bike was a 1977 Z650. And a great, reliable, fun cheap bike it was too.
    An excellent one will only set you back $2k, and I mean excellent. The technology is as good as anything much newer, only brakes not being as good as today's bikes, but they are still good brakes. Ergonomics, handling, gearbox and engine feel as good as anything in the class made today. And the engine is so torquey, but at the same time, has a real mean streak over 6k rpm! Used and new parts are everywhere and cheap.
    The best thing is if you drop a Z 650, it just leans over onto it's alternator or ignition covers, and sits there with no damage.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewforum.php?f=27

    You don't look very hard, do you?! :wink: :p You have a choice of eight....that's right, EIGHT regular Melbourne social events each week.

    ...and gidds...welcome aboard :grin: