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Newcomer from Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gippsland Rider, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. G'day people, I only just stumbled across this website today and thought i better sign up to see what i have been missing out on so here is my well... third post i only noticed this section just now haha.

    I guess i should say a little about myself,
    I am from country Victoria and i have been riding on the road for 2 and a half years and off road for 18 years, Currently on road i am stuck riding a LAMS bike until 2017 which i am honestly not complaining about because i do love my bike enough for it to sleep inside instead of in the shed where it is cold and lonely.
    I have always had a passion for anything mechanical, especially if it is on 2 wheels making me the kind of person who can stop and admire any bike i see.
    From an early age i was taught how to pull an engine apart, identify damage to the internals and rebuild it from scratch and have done it many times with both bikes and cars so hopefully one day i can help in that regard around here if someone needs advice.

    I look forward to seeing all of the bikes everyone here is getting around on and sharing adventures.
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  2. Howdy Gippsland RiderGippsland Rider, welcome to the forums! You live in one of the best parts of VIC, it's beautiful country your way. And you've got a lovely bike to ride those great roads too. Looking forward to your input, tech advice, and of course photos of your gorgeous bike as well as of stunning Gippsland. Enjoy your time here and stay shiny side up (y)!
  3. Welcome Gippsland RiderGippsland Rider,
    Where are you based ?
    There's quite a few NR members spread across the region.
    Do a search on your town or any major one in the area and you might find a couple of locals.
    I spent 10 yrs in Traralgon when I was around school age.

    Anyway, enjoy. Looking forward to your contributions.
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    Thanks mate :)
    And you are not wrong i am about 30 minutes away from some of the best riding roads in Australia, Tomorrow i actually have this road trip planned up to Licola
    Here are a couple pictures from one of my rides last week up Middle creek.
    Stopped by the Hazelwood power station on the way there (That is the dirtiest one in the world, you can almost smell the lung cancer in the air haha)
    On the way to the creek
    Just after crossing the creek
    The start of a hillclimb far too epic for my cb400 haha, it goes for about 3km and only gets steeper.
    And massive Manna gum down the road further, it has to be somewhere around 80 meters tall and 300+ years old, i could not get down to the trunk to see how wide it is because the hill was way too steep but it was at least 3 times as thick as any of the trees around it, the top was about 15-20 meters above the picture i took too, i couldnt get an angle that showed the whole thing.
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  5. I knew you'd come up with the goods! Awesome mate!! Keep 'em coming (y)

    Correction, was born a woman and am one to the core :happy:
  6. I figured that after going back and looking at your profile picture and changed it to mate haha
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  7. Clever and quick! Well played sir!
  8. Thanks for the tip i do not have many people to go riding with at the moment, i am in the latrobe valley area so there are probably a lot of people on here within 15 minutes of me considering how many people around here ride bikes.

    I try haha, so what kind of bike do you ride?
  9. image.
  10. The black looks great with the red pin stripe on the rims, is that the new cbr400r?
  11. Thanks! It's 2014 CBR500RA. I'fe been riding for 8 months only, never even touched a bike before. Got my licence 3 months ago and am looking at 3 more years of LAMS bikes. Love this one! Just clocked over 6K kms, but I'm riding on weekends only, this "full time work" fare sucks!
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  12. That's fair enough, great choice for a first bike by the way, i was looking at getting one of them before i found my bike, i loved the colour scheme so i had to have it.
    And i know that feeling i have until 2017 before i am allowed to ride a bigger bike, i went from learners to P plates a month before they changed the law because i could not get an earlier date on my P test, i think i would have been able to ride a bigger bike a month ago if they let me go by the old laws but nope, thanks vicroads haha. Is kinda my fault for keeping my learners for 11 months.
  13. be welcome gippsland rider...
    post more pics.
    will hopefully catch you on a ride out your way one day.
  14. I am about to go out for a ride to Walhalla i will post some pics when i get back for ya, want to try and catch the sun set over the thomson dam.
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  15. good - o !!!
  16. welcome aboard :)
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    Hi and welcome Gippsland RiderGippsland Rider, great part of Vic to live in and you've chosen well with the CB. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos so far, no doubt you'll be heading out even more with the weather a bit more favourable lately.

    Here's another CB in that awesome colour scheme:
    Kitted out for touring, this bike has served the owner well. Hoping to see you on a trip some day.

    Ned (y)
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    Oh neato i have never come across another one in the same colour, I see no ABS brakes, is it another 2011 special edition?
    If i am not mistaken there are only 500 bikes with this colour scheme. (another 500 do with a front fairing)
    And i have those same saddle bags haha great minds must think alike.

    Anywho i only managed to get two nice pictures on my ride, by time i got to the dam the sun had already set and my camera is shocking at taking night time pics.
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  19. Welcome to NR...

    Keep clicking and keep posting..

    There's also a 'photo from your ride' thread which could interest you..
  20. Cheers for the tip i will check it out