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Newcastle to Gingers Creek 2nd and the 3rd of December

Discussion in 'NSW' started by chazpowers, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. It seems as if I may have stuffed up which isn't the first time and defianantly wont be the last ... I have been iformed that the newcastle toy run is on this weekend so will put this on hold till further notice and a better date comes up !!!! bugger

    (If this is in the wrong position to post this topic please mods move it to apropriate one or inform me of place to put it Thanks)

    After a recent trip to walcha then the oxley highway by newcastle riders a few of us have decided that this road becasue of its 10 out of 10 rating needs to be enjoyed numerous times in one weekend so I have looked into accomadation at Gingers creek which is smack bang i the middle of the oxley "twisty" highway.
    So this is the plan Saturday the 2nd of december we will leave newcastle early and ride to thunderbolts way to walcha for lunch , then continue to oxley highway and stop at gingers creek the night before waking and riding the oxley a few times and returning home via thunderbolts way again.
    As accomadation is quiet popular at the moment I need poeple who are so intersted that they will comit to booking, myself and Brett are going and will book accomadation shortly as not to miss out if your 100% sure I can book it for you but will require payment other wise you can still come but will have to book for yourself closer to the date when your 100% sure.
    The owners of the place are going to give us $85 per night deal which includes Bed Dinner and breaky and they are willing to do this for us for any number of people not just a grou booking more details can be found here.


    Any questions don't hesitate to ask me the more people we get on this ride the better new people and veterans all welcome will be great to sit around at the end of the day and have dinner and a chat and an ale ( If there is no interest I will still be doing this ride on the dates mentioned so any one can come along at last minute if they can still get accomadation)

  2. Looks good.
    I might just be in for that one.

    December......thats so far away, ......can we practice ride a few times before then?? What about tomorow ....... next weekend ....... weekend after that ....... sorry, I think motorcycles and twisty roads are corrupting my mind!!

    99.99% IN!!!

  3. Sorry Brad - no for me. Daughter's birthday that weekend plus a work social function that I have already committed payment to. Have fun you guys. You & Brett snuggle up tight okay.
  4. Ooh, the fridays my RDO :grin: *scrathces head* I'll keep my eye on this. If i go I reckon I'll cruise up on Friday sometime and get some practice in. Make sure I'm fresh for the saturday blat.

    If anyone from newie thinks they may wish to do this shoot me a PM.
    I like a chase bunny :twisted: :grin:
  5. Maybe a new topic of who's keen to do the toy run on this date may be better ...any one interested?
  6. I would like to do the toy run..... I will let you know

    Would it suit anybody to do a trip to walcha/oxley this weekend or next, making it a large day trip???

    I am on holidays for 2 weeks, so will be riding regularly, if anyone wants to cruise somewhere, PM me!!

  7. hey tim, I just organised my holidays yesterday, I got 1 week off from 30th Oct, then from the 11th December----->3rd January off.
    Im guessing my week off starts, when you restart work?
    bugger! (wish I read this post yesterday, coulda adjusted to suit)
  8. Hey Chaz, if u are still doing the Oxley Ride, count me and Bundy in, gotta luv the oxley & the Thunderbolts. The 'Busa needs to scrub another new 014SS tyre.!!. Anyway PM me if it is still happenning!.
  9. Yeah will happen at somestage mate just not the planned weekend due to toy run will keep you posted when we can work out another weekend!
  10. No worries mate, just let me know.
  11. i need to ride the oxley after the stories i have heard so make sure you past to let us know when your going ;) very keen
  12. Maybe Tims Idea isn't half bad a day trip back there but from last time it will have to be an early start so that we are not returning after dark any one keen on this one sat or sun
  13. Hell yeah!! I think we are missing a few occasional riders by not posting these rides in the calendar, so if we can get a little more interest in either sat or sun next week i will post it on an agreed day, I'm good for both. and an early start would be needed to make the most of it.

    So, who's best for what day???

    And, if we have a bit more info on the toy run, we could post it on the calendar and maybe have our own little Newy Netriders contingent, I'd rather be riding shoulder to shoulder with someone i knew!!!

  14. I am good for Saturday or Sunday next week. Anyone got a long range weather forcast? I also vote for a 7am start. Tim hows the new bike? are u handling all those extra horses?
  15. Ross, the new bike is tops!!!! and its still restricted!!! I can actually overtake at speeds over 60km/h!

    So, thats- Ross, Brad, GT Brad, Me....[edit] I have just been informed that i will be in bathurst on sat, so sunday is it for me!!

    is Sunday OK for you guys???

    C'mon a couple more and we have a day!!!

    Weather seems to be fining up as the week goes on, BUT cause I'm coming and the weather man is a liar, WHO KNOWS...... bring the wets!!

  16. yeh i'm keen for another run up there.:grin:
    sunday will be fine, also go with an early start. but doesn't daylight saving's start sunday?

  17. I am out for sunday due to a pre commited charity walk.

    Any one that reads this and is Kenn we are going for a ride tomorrow to pie in the sky for lunch via old pacific hwy meeting on foreshore newcastle at 10am
    All welcome as allways
  18. Charity walk my ass. I know you keep all the proceeds and head straight to the pub.

    Cant do the oxley run as I will be in Melbourne that weekend. Oh and Brad who is Kenn and whats he ride?

    PITS tomoz is good for me but prob not real keen or kenn if it's shit weather.
    Brad/Tim give me a buzz when ya crawl out of ya hole in the morning and I'll take it from there.
  19. why don't you know kenn he knows you !!!
  20. Well, the weather seems to be clearing, the sun is poking its shiny little head out often, so it could be a nice day.

    Fingers crossed XXXX

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