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Newcastle to Berowra on the Old Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mick89, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Took my first trip down the Old Pacific Highway today, officially exhausted.

    Set off from Newcastle about 7.30am and started from Gosford around an hour later. Roads were still a bit damp but it was a really cool ride. Shame about that huge 60 zone, just can't get any kind of flow happening (I'm on P's and can't afford to lose my license) nice views of the Hawkesbury though. Brooklyn to Berowra was all time however, the roads had dried out and I found that maintaining limit around the corners was right at my current skill level (without putting license on the line). Didn't stop in for a pie, maybe next time.

    Cheers to all the other rad riders who didn't cut me off and gave a courtesy wave when I was able to let them past.

    Definitely worth the trip down from Newcastle, next time I'll head home via Wollombi for even more corners.
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  2. Thats a nice run down the coast,
    I do prefer the long way on old routes and secondary roads to the motorways, slab riding is so monotonous.
    Some of the best riding is tucked away off the beaten track.
  3. Great road mate, I only ride it during the week and didn't know there was a view, I thought it was just blurry trees.
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  4. Nice ride you have there :singing:
  5. was there yesterday too started Galston George then southern end of putty, grey gums did the 10 mile then turn at Truckers Memorial, wellombi then old pac, PITS then go home

    saw a guy with the RSV1100 Tuono, what a hot bike,

    also first time we saw the new R1 at PITS yesterday, a poor bloke just got done, HWP took his license & plates & he had to wait for he mates to pick him and the bike up in a ute,

    lots of bikes and car clubs out as it finally stopped rain, moss at ten mile & moisture on putty even at 4pm, doing it on my s1000r was an amazing ride

    you just have to time it right so you finish the old road after 4pm, HWP are usually done for the day on a Sunday, too early and its usually very foggy and slippy
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  6. Yeah, there was a heap of moss on the 10-mile last week when I did it. Worth doing a sighting lap before thinking about pushing it.

    If doing the Old Road from Newcastle I usually either just slab down to Gosford to give me more time for a few laps, or down through either the Putty or Wollombi as part of a day ride.
  7. Yeah I have a week off between jobs the week after next, plan to do Wollombi/ Putty and Old Road, maybe a Bucketts Way (will be first time Bucketts) as well. Anytime I've done popular roads mid week it has felt like I was the only one on the road and I haven't seen a single officer.
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  8. Don't get too excited about Bucketts, it's after that it gets interesting, up Thunderbolts Way, you can always just go half way to the lookout and back, stop at Gloucester at Roadies Cafe,they have some (3 i think) nice old bikes inside.
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