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Newcastle - The fun bits

Discussion in 'NSW' started by morbosity, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. As the title suggests

    Sunday 26/8/2012 , meet up at Hexam mcdonalds @10am

    To Stroud Via Patterson Dungog,Then every random bridge i can find on the way home.

    Time and day open to change
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  2. Nice, have a great ride, sorry I won't be able to make it to this one.
  3. I'm interested, just have to check my availability.
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  4. thats a maybe from me. have to see how Saturday pans out 1st
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  5. Ok I'm in, just remember though I can only 'legally' do 80kph lol
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  6. Think I might be able to make this one. Hopefully if all goes to plan.
  7. Whooo hoooo

    We have an event

    80K is fine , Their are bugger all cops out the back. And even Some road`s where 80kph is actually fun.

    Only one way to learn :D
  8. Sounds fun. Wife gave me my pants back so I am all clear to go.

    Hope this weather holds as today is a fine day to do some riding.
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  9. :cya all at maccas and my old man is keen for a ride too so he is comming and he is no speed demon:biker:...... cheers chris
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  10. Nice . wish my old man(stepfather) would get some balls and his bike license back.

    Should be a great run . I usually do these little trips solo.So I never push too hard.

    If My buddy does not get on the drink tonight, He will be getting some practice in on my little bike before he buys a R6. +1 maybe here as well
  11. A few pics of our little ride (not to pollute and dilute pics )link only

    Jastel coming over the one lane bridge out at Clarancetown http://i48.tinypic.com/2my7mlj.jpg

    Ariad -sorry for the terrible pic ,

    stick3 and pop already over , too fast for my cam

    just out the back of Stroud , One of the spots I love ,i got more stashed away for next ride

    from here we did the Washpool loop back into Stroud, some fine dirt road

    Thanks to all for coming along and letting me show you some of my fav places to play. Or just chain smoke with Pops , he my new fav netrider

    For the TRX fans ,my buddy on the trixxer
    He finally returned it , i think he`s in love with it
  12. Today was great, I had a ball. It was good to meet you guys and get out on the back roads. Can't wait for the next one :)

  13. Sweet pic

    You guys did a great job. The run to claro is a pretty hard stretch of road (you know the bit).
    But technically Thats real riding,Nearly everything a normal road will ever throw at you. and that decreasing radius on the way back will test the best rider.

    Had to Swallow my shit a few times around that , But every time you push it that bit further then before ..It`s like F^&K Yeah , It never loses its thrill

    Also that bit of dirt riding :D ,The whole back road experience, Preps you for Any abnormal situations on a good road
  14. Next run I`ll take my camping stove and all the magic ingredients for a roadside coffee,Bring your mug. We will still have to find somewhere for my buddy to eat a 3 course meal,As the toaster oven wont fit in the boot
  15. All good, I'll bring my mates Mrs who is a chef.... she rides a scooter lol (That boy can eat lol)
  16. Great Fun... Will be there on the next. Thanks for the pics plus i think that is about the best pic you can get of me...

    Got on the bike again today and felt WAY more confident.
  17. EDIT: Could not see the pic Jastle posted at work for being blocked so just noticed that we have the same pic.

    Took this pic at Stroud. No other way of posting it so hope this is not to big.

    Will take some more next time.

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  18. we had a great time meeting you fellas and injoy the easy going ride, its good when some body knows all the hidy away places ,,, the pics turned out great even if we were a bit quik ..:rofl: and i thought i was good on the tooth ..bit of bush cooking on the next ride yum..... cheers chris
  19. Updated time and date

    Me and my buddy smashed it today .HAd awesome Fun , Next time im taking him over the mountain.

    Looks like im selling this house. so if im not their my good buddy will be their to lead the charge and will know the roads backwards

    This run will be rather more complex then the last one .Dungog mountain is, Well, Its Shit and rain foresty (wet on a sunny day). But Its rather more interesting then just sitting on a bike in traffic
  20. Will have to give this one a skip. Wife's B-Day coming up.

    Have fun.