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Newcastle riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. It's time to become part of a regular weekly meeting somewhere! I need to know what sort of time/day suits you all so something can be organised. I know of a couple of locations that would be fairly central to anyone from the central coast/valley/Newcastle/Port Stephens, but am open to suggestions.
    If you have any suggestions, chime in!
    I know you are out there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. im usually out and about riding saturday mornins with no particular destination in mind, so I reckon saturdays be good (fer me at least)
    Bearing in mind I get lost easily so i reckon first meetup should be easy to find for everybody :)
  3. Haha, getting newcastle riders on a regular ride, that's classic!
  4. Not a regular ride, just a meet/coffee somewhere would do. With that wonderful attitude, maybe I am really wasting my time???

  5. coming from hornsby, id bee keen to meet you newcastle folk somewhere in gosford - wyong.

    perhaps we can make a ride of it at the end of this month on a saturday and us sydney siders can come up north for a meet. (along the old pac highway and the twistyest route possible)
  6. Hey Andrew sounds good,...would love to come.... but alas I have no bike ...yet :twisted:
  7. Well, O.K, this is starting to look a bit better now! Lets wait and see if we get a few more nibbles, and maybe some more suggestions for a location (anyone know somehwere bike friendly around Wyong area perhaps to meet?).
    I just want to get riders together and talk crap over coffee/milkshakes or whatever you drink!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. once i lern how to ride i'll be up for it.

    you could always go for the usual darby st or beaumont st cafe strips
  9. yeah darby st is the usual hang out for a *latte*

    seriously who is in newie??

    lake macquarie yet meet at wyong? so far....away...
  10. What about Customs House? Park your bike out front.

    Sorry just getting misty eyed lived in Newcastle for many years, go Mariners oops Knights!
  11. Not meeting at Wyong, someone suggested a meeting there to entice Sydney riders perhaps.
    I am only new to teh area (2 years) so don't really know the Newcastle city haunts. So suggest away!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Yeah, Andrew, a Central Coast meeitn place (or at least a place in the middle on the freeway between there and Sydney would be a good point to get some of the Sydney riders involved; I know I'd love to come up and meet you and some others of the old Newcastle gang...
  13. A regular ride sounds good :grin: . What about meeting at Wollimbi pub ? It`s not to far and you get a great perv :wink: on some nice bikes there especially on the weekend
  14. hi mz, actually pete the freak has a wolimbi ride coming up from hornsby, you newy folk should organise yourselves to meet there on the day. :mad: all you need is a place to meet in newcastle, and somebody who knows the way , and your all set :)
  15. That is actually a pretty good idea! I wil have my blacks by then, although am not teh most experienced rider, I do ride a reasonably twisty road to work every day, so I should be able to keep up! Don't ask me to lead, I would get lost!
    I am down for it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. I have been to wollombi plenty of times and like the ride :grin: so I would be keen to do a run and to meet some new people
  17. Didn't mean to sound entirely negative, newcastle riders are just renowned for not getting out that much.

    I'll keep my beady little eyes on the post and might come and play :cool: I know the back ways to wolli and work on the central coast so know my way round there. If you go the central coast THE ENTRANCE would be the spot, probably about 80 minutes or so from newie and just 15 minutes off the tuggerah interchange for the sydney folk, plus nice and scenic :grin:
  18. Why is it whenever there's an event coming up I always seem to be out of commision?

    Last Newcastle ride was when I was between bikes.

    I'd love to come on this one... if I hadn't stacked my bike last week, smashing indicators, mirrors etc... breaking my collarbone and losing serious skin off knees and shoulder.

    Don't squid, even on the shortest ride. And don't push your limits.

    I'll be right in a week or two, but I'll be missing this one.

    A regular meeting sounds great. I've only lived in Newcastle a couple of months, coming from central coast.

    I've never been to customs, but I've heard only good things, it's a popular hangout, gets my vote.

    Alternatively darby street, or might I suggest the grand hotel?

    I too know my way around the central coast. Why would you want to go to the entrance? Worst suburb ever. Scenic? it's all concrete pavements, a nasty bay (okay fishing, but no views) and dense housing.
    Though to be fair, I've never been to any of the pubs there, so might be an okay hangout.

    Terrigal would be the go. Lots of great places to eat, drink, easy to park if you've got a bike, and just a general cool atmosphere. In fact, better than customs if people are willing to travel.

    Saturday would be best for me. I come back to the central coast most weekends, so meeting at terrigal would be lovely.
  19. Kols, you've got a few months to recover and be ready for the Three Points Ride in early October.... And that goes for Typhoon, and mr rumpytrumpy and the other Newcastle riders. In the mean time, perhaps we could meet as many of you as possible on next weekend's jaunt...
  20. I am keen on the 3 points ride, however, I wil probably make a day trip out of it. That is, ride up and then bore back on the main roads. I should have some serious night lighting by then.
    As for meeting this weekend, well I wil be there. However, I have had a post deleted AND a calendar event not added to try and get a ride to meet up with you guys at Morisset this saturday. I am a bit pissed at this.
    Anyway, I wil be there if nothing else.

    Regards, Andrew.