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Newcastle Rider! Holla

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ayo Kano, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys newy local found some interesting threads on here so figured id sign up, ride with a small group know as TARR (Track and Road Riders) hoping to share and steal knowledge :D

    - Kane, 25, P Plater, Regular on the Putty Rd, and done a few trips on the Oxley Hwy/Gingers Creek

    Love to ride and hopefully continue to for a long time, currently on a GS500F and have a CBR600RR Project in the works for when i get my full licence

  2. welcome mate.
  3. welcome to NR!!
  4. welcome to netrider :)
  5. Welcome Ayo. Nice to see a few more Newy locals cropping up :)
  6. seems pritty full on here so much going on LOL kinda overwhelming! :] sure ill handle it tho
  7. So what's the deal with putty rd is it like the moto mecka lol
  8. Welcome along. Nice to have another one.
  9. Welcome to NR :)
  10. Welcome mate, nice to see another rider from newy.