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Newcastle ride. 'Map Of Tasmania' (no pun intended!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tim 650, May 26, 2006.

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  1. G'day, how is everyone? Just putting up a call for any interest in a day ride, date to be advised, from Bar Beach car park, newcastle, via scenic dr to pacific hwy, south on pacific hwy to wyong, south on pacific hwy to peats ridge, north on great north road to wollombi, east on wollombi rd to millfield, right onto millfield rd and continue, right onto church st ellalong, left onto south st, continue along sandy creek rd, right onto freemans dr/branxton-toronto rd at mt vincent, left at palmers rd freemans waterhole, left at wakefield rd ryhope, right at northville dr barnsley, right at george booth dr edgeworth and on to your own destination.

    Now, if you are still thinking about the 'map o tassie' thing in the title, if you have a good map with this whole area on it, highlight the route and its a DEADSET MAP OF TASSIE!!!! the more I look at it, I cant get tassie outta me head!!!but anyways, I did 75% of this ride today(the bit i didnt know) to see what it was like, from doyalson around to freemans, and apart from a bit of peak hour traffic in the morning at wyong, it was superb!! I did the ride on me trusty V-Star 250 and found only a few section where a few hundred more cc would have been much appreciated(like it wouldnt be appreciated all the time!!) and as for aches and pains, just as they set in i hit the twisties around bucketty.... and rubber and tar, and their connection was the only thing on my mind!!! I BLOODY LOVED EVERY SCARY MINUTE OF IT!!!! Of course, this section of the road can be riden at a 'scenic' pace, but either way, you just have to enjoy it!! anyway, if u need more info, let me know.

    any riders from newcastle, central coast and sydney, or anywhere for that matter, are welcome to meet us somewhere along the way!

    Again the date is to be advised depending on the amount of response and people's availability!! But sooner rather than later!!

    andeley, andeley, yippa, yeppa, ippa!! PPZZZZWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. 2 threads for this post, bit extravagant isn't it?
  3. Nah, I think he is just doing it twice so no one misses it :LOL:
  4. tim, hi m8, when you have your ride date time and meeting place organised and confirmed, then post it in the events forum or you can add it too the calendar adding to the calendar may take up to 24hrs to be approved by the admins.

    hope that helps.
  5. Mate, I am down for this one! (replaced steering head bearings today, have front wheel bearings on order).
    Rathmines eh? I have probably seen you more than once, what colour is your bike? I used to ride an old green Kawasaki, now on a red GTR.
    I travel Fennell bay to Moriset every day down Wangi rd.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. This sounds like a fun ride, I love the Newcastle area, many wonderful memories.

    Pick a date and let's see, Saturdays are better for me, but majority rules anyway.....
  7. ah, I'm getting bites..GREAT! I'm still hopeful of a few more takers, but I may post this as an event for either saturday 3rd june or the following saturday 10th june. Any need for start time requirements for travel(i noticed hornet's location is wollongong...keen eh?) please post and i will reply asap! untill then, where are all the other Newy riders? I know your'e out there!! Oh, and any ideas on stopping ponits would be great as I suspect the people at the Wollombi Tavern think i'm casing the joint!!! I must have been there(via different routes) 4 times in about 10 days!!!!! Though, dont get me wrong, the tucker is great in an ideal location! go easy on the Jungle Juice!!

    P.S Typhoon, my lil star is black and chrome, black panniers, sissy bar, and for winter, a small screen. I have a black riding suit and blue helmet. but there is a couple of identical bikes around teralba/toronto. I travel north on wangi rd 7-7.30am, south 4-5pm. I see a burgundy bmw headed south just about every morn. and I think I may have spotted you. Do you wear blue jeans and dark jacket?
  8. Yeah, I have blue jeans, black/grey/blue jacket and a bright blue helmet. Not on that BMW though, on a metallic red Kawasaki GTR, which I suppose MAY sort of look like a BMW, but in a more stylish, sporting kind of way! LOL!
    I think I've seen you pull out of the Rathmines turn off a few times, I wil flash the headlights next time I think it's you. I usually go past Rathmines about 7.35-40.
    I am good for next saturday, but later in the day, I have to change out front wheel bearings in my bike, about an hour's work or so...I might get it done during the week if I get the parts in time!
    Anyway, it sounds like a good ride and the interest level is up there already.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Sounds like a great ride I will be good to go :grin:
    Let me know when you have dates and time sorted
  10. That's a fair old ride Tim. I will most probably be in for it depending on the date and start time you choose. If I can't make the start time due to my kids sporting activities then I could always meet up with you at Wollombi or another stop you might plan and do the rest of the ride with you. I've never been to Tassie, so it should be interesting!
  11. G'day, good to see a lot of interest in my posting! a bit more info on the route.

    total distance: about 240km(newcastle round back to newcastle)

    total time: i did the trip from pacific hwy doyalson, round to freemans waterhole, including a quick stop around central mangrove, and lunch at wollombi, in around 4 hrs, though, this was with a bit of heavy friday morning traffic.

    I am thinking of a 9am start on saturday 3rd june(next saturday) and expect to be home by 5pm even at a snails pace!

    I did notice fuel was a bit scarce after leaving the pacific hwy so maybe a stop in gosford and lunch at wollombi?

    Just drop a line and I can change date/time if need be
  12. My young bloke plays footy at Morpeth at 10am so I could probably be at Wollombi at 12 if you guys are there then and do the second half of the ride.
  13. I would love to go on this ride but need a chain and sprokets ASAP which will leave me a bit broke :(

    Damn chain sounds like one of those garbage disposal things in some peoples sinks, think its cause my front sprokets got all the teeth bent over and is worn out
  14. 9am this saturday eh? Might be tricky for me, depends on if I get the wheel bearings installed during the week or not, will see what I can do!
    Think I saw you today Tim, just north of Toronto in teh twisty bits. Saw you going north through the corner as I was coming south through the corner, couldn't wave!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. G'day, just a bit of an update, the weather man say's(like u can believe HIM) it's suppose to be a wee bit crappy on saturday 3rd, and my guess for the weather is about the same, so i think we may look at saturday 10th june.

    so far we have interest from rourkster, MZ, typhoon and honet600. you are welcome to bring any friends, pillion or rider, as my little Star can do this trip easily but not as quick as some(obviously)
    But please note: when i test rode this route on friday i came home with flat spots on the bottom of my pegs!!! I couldnt help my self! there is a couple of long(u turn), open(great vision) 55km/h corners which i must have hit at 80 with pegs scraping almost the whole way, little bumpy and a little scary though! but GREAT FUN.

    so we will watch the weather and i will post soon!

    Rubber LOVES Road! DONT break the relationship!
  16. The 10th sounds great for me, I am still sorting this new bike out. So little previous maintenence, every time I look at something, it needs opening up and cleaning/greasing/parts replacing. Lucky it was bloody cheap and I can do my own work!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. nothins better than knowing you did it yourself though. at least you can only blame yourself if it fails!!!
  18. Saturday the 10th would be excellent for me. No kids sport due to Long Weekend. Bear in mind the double demerit points too. Might even bring my son with me.
  19. Right, saturday 10th it is! I will be posting this an event later tonight or in the morn. so if anybody has major problems or needs a specific start time, the clock is ticking!! good to see a response from a few riders, so it should be a good run

    I will be watching this a bit tonight so reply if need be.

    P.S. typhoon: yeah, it's you i see quite a bit. I used to see u on the kwaka all the time. Actually, if i dont see you I'm late for work, or early, and I'm NEVER early!!
  20. Yeah, I saw you today Tim beside the bus! I may have to dig the old Kwaka out for a couple of days this week, the GTR is now officialy unrideable due to the front wheel bearing! Well, I can ride it, but I'm not the one steering anymore! LOL!
    I just realised the 10th is two weekends away and is the long weekend...I am going away unfortunately.

    Regards, Andrew.
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