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Newcastle- P's test course??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Someone mentioned to me that there is a P's test course marked out somewhere, but I have forgotten where. Anyone know?

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. There is one marked out at The regatta centre at Penrith....
  3. AFAIK there is none 'marked out' as such in Newcastle. Even at the testing centre there are only a few guide marks on the tarmac where they testers place the cones and obstacles etc.
    You can down load the set up from the RTA and elsewhere (I may have it somewhere) and then practise in a carpark.
    If you have been riding about for a bit then you should have no problems.
    My riding skills were good but I flunked out the first time for stoopid things. The tests are all done at quite a slow speed ~20kmh, I tried to rush it all through to show off, i guess and went too fast on the emergency stop and obstacle test.
    Hope this helps :grin:
  4. Good luck passing even one part of the test on the Z650 :LOL:

    When I was going for my P's, we downloaded the diagram for the course from the RTA website. I loaded my luggage rack up with dozens of old shoes, and marked out the course at my local car park- shoes don't break when you run over them.

    I trust you will hire or borrow a CB250 or similar for your test? Actually I take that back. The test is easy. If you're good, you could pass it easily on the Z650. My instructer said its possible to pass on a Goldwing :shock:
    But if you want to guarantee passing first time, best to get something else.

    And when is there going to be another organised Newcastle group ride? I said I'd come last time, but now I actually have a bike :)
  5. for the ride, you start at the corse - you go to the end of the street (on the corner with the bub) you turn left and follow that road to your first left again - then you stop and talk. you then go past the motor bike shops and turn right at the light and follow that past waratah village and take a left at the fire station and stop and talk. you then go past the highschool and over the train bridge and follow that road to just before the industrial highway and then stop and talk. then you follow the indudtrial highway to the end and turn right and head for sandgate and take the first left and get on the link road and stop to your right. then you go to the end of the link road and turn right at jesmond and head to the caltex on newcastle road and get an icecreem or a drink and then go back - thats it :)

    dont worry though the instructor will tell you at every stop.

    ps, dont go to fast on the cone weave - and DO HEADCHECKS!!!!!
  6. Actually Kol, the Z 650 is a pussycat at low speeds. It's barely any longer in the wheelbase than a CB 250, just wider and heavier. It has great torque and is very smooth. I rarely use more than 3000 rpm in traffic, takeoffs are at about 2000 rpm
    . I can easily do U turns in my street at 3 months of total riding time and can do full lock circles in carparks (found this great to practice low speed riding, turn in at full lock and just go round and round, and balance. Also good for practicing entering and exiting such turns).
    I'm off to a carpark this weekend to practice some slow 90 degree turns, cone weaves etc, the braking is coming along well, almost impossible to lock up a brake on the Z, small brakes and heavy bike....wil have to stop by some road gangs and pinch some cones. I need a new rear tyre and a helmet though.

    Regards, Andrew.