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Newcastle Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jordank, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone, just saying hey :)
    I've never ridden before this year, got my L's in March and I'm getting much more confident on the road (can go around roundabouts at a reasonable speed and not stall on the road ahahha).
    My bike's a 1999 FZX250 'Zeal'(anyone ever had one of these?), that i bought for $1000. With the help of some friends, I gave her a bit of a service and fixed up the leaky fork seals and she's been running sweet to uni and back ever since.
    I'm pretty much set for gear (shout out to Gumtree) and now just need practice riding in the wet.
    See ya'll around!
    There's a photo of my bike as the avatar, can't add attachments just yet

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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR JordankJordank . Great to hear you are getting your confidence up and riding on the Zeal. Careful in the wet and just sneak up on it. It's a bit of a shock the first time and all I can remember is 'never again'. Well there's been plenty of times since then. Take care and have fun. :happy:
  3. Welcome JordankJordank , there are a few good riders around Newcastle that can offer you some good tips for riding in that area.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. G'day JordanJordan, welcome to the forum. Good on you getting your FZX250 up to scratch and gear on a budget, it's not easy sometimes. From your avatar photo it looks great.
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  6. Aloha and welcome to the crazy NR forum.
    Much fun to be had ! :D
  7. welcome aboard :) congrats on the LS and the bike :)
  8. Hi JordankJordank -- fellow Newcastle member here. Good job on the DIY maintenance, just work your way up to the wet weather and take it slowly. The key is being smooth with all your control inputs. There's plenty of good roads around Newcastle for when you need a little bit of a study break from uni. ;) Keep an eye on the ride announcements forum because if there's a Netrider meet on in Sydney that I'm planning on going to I'll put a thread up there if you want to come along.