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Newcastle newby

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Luke1990, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. As the title says, a fresh L plater on the roads.
    24 years old and have had the bike for about 4 weeks thus far and am ultimately looking for a few people to show me a few tips and tricks of the trade to help me become a better and more confident rider.

    Am pretty keen to meet some new people and join in on the occasional weekend cruise as I dont have a lot of mates who have bikes/are readily available.
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  2. G'day and welcome to the forum, GobbyGobby. There's quite a recent contingent of new members and new riders from Newcastle and the Hunter here so no doubt plenty to ride with.
  3. Welcome to NR. Fellow Novocastrian here -- always happy to go for a ride when I'm not stuck at work. :)
  4. Cheers guys!
    Yeah at the moment I'm only looking at the occasional weekend trip, trying to find any kind of spare time I can muster up to try and find a point to travel to that is outside of Newcastle where I can be rewarded with a nice view and a good road to learn on, but ultimately bought the bike for a cheaper means of transport for when I start uni this year.

    Actually, first question if someone could answer it for me.
    Since my starting bike is a 2013 650 Ninja it obviously has the restriction wire under the seat (the throttle screw was removed by previous owner), has anyone known police to actually check novice riders to see if they have the appropriate limiters fitted to the bikes or no?
    I was pulled over the other day for a dumb reason, would rather not mention, and he didnt even look twice at the size of bike I was sitting on.
    Was just wondering if I would be able to get away with enjoying her at her full capacity before I'm legally able to.
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome to NR, fellow Novacastrian here.. Have been riding for a bout 2 years currently in the process of selling my bike and buying a new one.. Once I get it I am thinking of organising a bit of a ride as a "shake down" so I will definitely post here and let you all know. In the meantime enjoy riding, and keep safe!
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  7. Sounds great! I'd definitely be keen.
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    Hi Luke Welcome aboard! I'm a fellow L plater only had my bike a week and been on the road everyday since! Practice makes perfect. Don't have many mates with bikes either so I'm keen as for a ride!
  9. Welcome to NR Luke1990Luke1990.

    You will find plenty of people willing to help you out here.

  10. Hey KOR574! Im always keen to discover new roads and such just to push myself a bit more and more to learn, if whenever you've got an itch to scratch by heading for a ride and want a buddy, give me a yell, I'd be happy to have someone to cruise with!
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    Hi Luke two L platers learning together is less intimidating than one. I could be wrong but I may have seen you around.. I'm from Maitland
  12. Absolutely.
    And there is a possibility of you seeing me somewhere, there have been a few days I've spent heading out toward Maitland or further out, trying out all the back roads near Patterson and such.
    You have a good eye if you think it was me you've seen, given I was probably going a little faster than recommended.. :angelic:
  13. I remember doing some learner rides a couple of years ago, there's some good roads out around Dungog and Stroud.
  14. Welcome to NR
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  15. Yeah I've been wanting to head up that way, but with this cold hanging around I can't imagine it being very pleasant.
    Have gone from Newcastle to Bulahdelah via Bucketts Way a couple of times, absolutely shit quality but its not a bad ride.
  16. Cessnock to Wollombi then up to Broke is a great ride.
    And yeah Bucketts Way has always been shit.
  17. Yeah, I did do a day from Cessnock to Wollombi not long ago. It really was an enjoyable ride.
    Me and a mate are hoping to do Wisemans tomorrow, weather permitting. Just need it to stay clear. :arghh:
  18. BoM says 40% chance of showers inland. Good enough for me. ;) Wisemans via the Putty, then either across to the Old Road or up to Wollombi is a great ride as well if you're after something a little longer.
  19. I must be looking at the wrong weather thing.
    It kinda says its a 50/50 chance but the radar has rain coming over us constantly all day and the roads outside are already slick with rain.
    So torn....
  20. Yeah, 80% along the coastal fringe, 40% elsewhere. I usually look at the district forecasts on the BoM website when planning. The radar has a bit of rain coming in over the coast, hopefully I'll be out as soon as that's cleared. Sydney radar looks reasonable so probably going to do a run down through Wollombi to the Old Road.
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