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Newcastle new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mick89, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hey, I'm a new rider from Newcastle NSW.

    Got my Ls in December after being talked out of getting a bike for the last 7 or so years, going for my Ps later this month. Absolutely loving riding, getting more confidence with linking corners and keeping the pace up. Lately I've been practicing the slow stuff for my test later this month.

    Spend a lot of time riding out Seaham/ Paterson/ Bolwarra way, not too interested in sitting at lights around Newcastle. Also been practicing my slow riding out at the new estate at Fern Bay, if any other new riders want a good place to practise their slow riding and emergency stopping the roads are mint and quiet as.

    I ride a KTM Duke 390, absolutely love the bike. Great ride for the money. I hope to upgrade to a Street Triple R when I go full license next year.

  2. Welcome mate. Wherebouts in newy are you?

    When they were building that new estate and had the roads done but no houses built, I used to take my Torana out there and give it a caning.
    Was like my own personal racetrack lol.

    Was fun in this:
  3. Hey Collo, I live in Mayf.

    Yeah it's great. I'd love to know how fast those S bends going in could be negotiated at. Still plenty of vacant areas, but I'm sure a V8 Torana would stir up the locals.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't do it now lol.
    The only thing out there was the sales office and the bloke used to come out and watch me lol
    Lucky he didn't call the cops on me.

    I'm not far from you, used to live over there years ago.
    Hook up for a ride one day if you want. Though I've got a cruiser so you might have to wait for me after any twisty bits haha
  5. Hi Mick

    If you are in Mayfield, try the steel river industrial estate if you are look for places to practice low speed riding. The are plenty of quite cul de sacs outside business hours.

    I often see l plates practicing on the road up from work
  6. Howdy and welcome to the forum!

    Pretty cool bike you have there!
  7. Thanks bobf I'll check it out! I was actually that way after a Fern Bay run getting fuel at the caltex thinking that's a good spot!

    Cheers GeorgeO, if I squint real hard I think I see one in your pic?
  8. Yip - Simply love my Duke to bits. Profile pick is of me thrashing her at Eastern Creek turn 2.
  9. Welcome to NR!
  10. GeorgeO very keen to try out a track day once my experience builds up! Any mods on your bike?

    Thanks Jaytee
  11. mick89mick89 - Some small ones.

    Tail tidy, adjustable levers, Powerparts crash bars, Ergo seat, Rear stand bobbins.

    If you want to see what's possible - see http://www.ktmduke390forum.com/ for more info or look at malJohannmalJohann showcase on this site. He's the man for any power commander / piggy back ecu questions and answers.

    If you really want to do track days - see www.toprider.com.au and start doing the advanced courses and then the coaching and setup track dat at EC. Well worth it. Starts you of on the right foot or footpeg so to speak!
  12. I used to practice my slow stuff next to the hockey centre at broadmeadow, next to the footy stadium, lots of room away from cars, and no one could sneak in behind you, using the carpark lines, but any carpark will do.