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Newcastle Coffee Meet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chazpowers, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Probably posted this in wrong section again but that comes from being a little slow
    Think its time Newcastle had another meet and great over a coffee start of a new year and all and there are some newy people out there we havent met yet so if more than myself is interested then I will post it up in events and make it like GJ'S in darby street or similar other wise I will just go an have a coffee by myself and talk about how good I am in my own mind.

    Also planning on riding to Oxley highway in the next few weeks and going to stay at gingers creek the night if any Newcastle or surrounds people are interested let me know and I will check availability of accomadation.

    And while I am at it on behalf of all Newcastle netriders HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one looking forward to wearing out alot of rubber on the road in the next twelve months :grin:
  2. Well your flooded with replies, If your really nice I'll have coffee with you.
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah .... I guess I'll come along. Cant miss having a latte with the girls and boys of Newy.
  4. Seeing as I'm a "newb from Newy" I s'pose I'd better show my face and put a face to some names here too.
  5. Thanks ducfreak that might make it worth it was afraid it was going to be just the other two weirdo's Any one got any suggestions on when? this weekend sunday afternoon at about 3 ? too early?
  6. I'm on a ride Sunday (have to show someone how to get to Road warriors the FUN way) but don't arrange around me.
  7. I would be keen to meet a few local Net Riders, being a newby and all. :grin:

  8. Im out till at least Monday arvo this comming week. Spending the weekend in Sydney before Mel goes back on Monday.
    I'll keep an eye on here and will be there for sure if its after Monday.

    PS Hey Duc and Layto. Welcome :grin:
  9. Gday Layto !!

    How about Sunday arvo about 3ish january 14th? not this sunday but the next ?
  10. Sounds the go. See you in Darby St. :grin:
  11. Darby St GJ's eh? I reckon my leather pants would look stunning there. I shall be there Bradley m'boy. Should I lead the after-ride???
  12. yep cool by me. so long as we dont invite Tim so it's a sunny day.

    Sure Simon we all want you up front where we can see you. Safety first and all that.
    ALthough now that it's happened I reckon you would be pretty safe at the back. Whats the chances.... yeah ok ya up front
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.