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Newcastle beer night?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Den Monkey, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Ok guys not really but maybe we can at least have a few drinks or coffee if need be.

    Since Tim has a new ride a few of us thought it might be a good idea to have a catch up this week.
    Bradly suggested Friday night.

    Maybe we could find somewhere a little quieter this time .

    Who's available and who is interested ??
  2. well im in where ever it is
  3. And here I was thinking you guys have all the fun! :p
  4. I'm in for that one...... what..... NO strippers????? I have also just talked to Steve about a night ride up around the bay on the night i pick her up, should be wednesday, just to stretch it's legs for the first time. Any body interested???? Was thinking of a 6.30pm meet in town somewhere???

  5. did someone say strippers???
  6. Awesome, right when my bike breaks down, sigh.
  7. Seems the title of the thread wasnt popular and has been changed. haha oh well

    what about something as simple as the workies.
    Should be able to park the bikes down stairs and should be no probs being chockers with people either.
    That and I think they still have 2 pool tables.

    Yeah Timbo . should be up for that run. Depends on what time soccer it but i think its late.
    either way make sure ya buzz me when ya got it. i finish at 330
  8. I'm good for Wednesday. I'd like to check out the new machine Timbo. Good to see I'll still have a cruiser rider to keep company with. Let me know where you guys are meeting up.
    Brett - not sure about Friday night. Kids have their first swim club meet that night but I might be able to get out around 8.30ish. Might cost me a few foot rubs though. (Sorry to mention them again Brad. :p )
  9. Just so you know my bike is out of action to at least the 30th when it's booked in for work at Bike Care....are they any other decent shops around newcastle?
    I need

    - To sort out that crap that happened the other day in town, might be problem with carbies, might be a fuel pump, who knows

    - New coolant bottle

    - New chain & sprockets

    - New battery

    - New fork seals.

    Oh joy.
  10. Well get to it Simon and rub rub rub .

    Reckon we'll be there for a bit .

    I've mentioned it to Geoff and he's +1

    I'll also let Toni know whats doin
  11. I am in for Friday as long as we dont sit down the foreshore all night telling monkey boy to put his shirt back on.
    Let me know on meeting in town on wednesday may be able to slip in before work and see the hyo.

    If theres a better bike mehanic than Jamie in town I am yet to hear about it rather wait a few weeks to get it in and get the job done for half the price than book it into frazers etc.. and not get the job done and still pay double!!!
    Simon you dont have to give me foot rubs any more your allowed to come along anyway now !!!
  12. So what's going on, a night ride on Wednesday and drinks at the workers on Friday night?
  13. that looks like the go!!

    I have a big list of people to tell as soon as i have my arse on that seat!!! So, i will let as many of you know as i can.

    There could be a chance that i may not get it tomorrow but it should be ok

    how about 6.30pm in newy, along the foreshore

    Brett, I should be at Boyds about 4.15pm to pick it up if all good.


    P.S. The thing on friday night ........ New bike at workies car park ........ paranoid me trying to enjoy myself ....... maybe...
  14. OH, CHECK IT OUT, TIM 650!!!!!

    Eh, Eh.....

  15. hey yawl,

    im pretty sure im in for friday. not sure about wednesday though, but im sure i will hear from someone before then.

    oh and Tim, why dont u just bring the new bike into the club, im sure they wont mind! nice username to!

  16. Looks like I should be good for a cruise tomorrow night if Tim gets that bike onto the tar. The young whipper-snapper huzey wants a spin on the back of the storm. Silly bugger :grin: :shock:

    Friday's a definite maybe.
  17. Hold on tight huzey!!! Dont look down ..... or up ...... actually, shut your eyes and hang on!!!!
  18. I think i cheesed her off today so i better watch myself eh
  19. im up for both tonight and friday

    when are you picking up the beast tim, still 4:15 at boyds?
  20. hey guys, have fun tonight. im not going to make it but i will more than likely see you all on friday

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Not open for further replies.