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Newcastle, Aug 5 or 6, Whats the plan???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tim 650, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. G'day, we've had a few ideas thrown around for a ride this weekend,(Aug 5th, 6th) some along the lines of:

    north through tea gardens, buladelah, to nabiac, west to bucketts, south home.

    NW through seaham, dungog to bucketts wy and on to gloucester, home via bucketts.

    The full length(or at least to the halfway house) of putty rd from wollombi, possibly back by old pacific hwy(the best bit of the old hwy is between gosford and brooklyn) this is quite a long ride though

    day trip for lunch to: Nelsons bay, Tea Gardens, Seal Rocks, Catherine hill bay, The Entrance, Wollombi... ??????????

    I'm easy, although Sunday(6th) would be better for me.

    So Newcastle......Whats The Plan??????.........


  2. Hey Timbo. Pretty much count me in for anything.
    If the GF can come along I would prefer a shorter run but looks like she's got her sister to entertain this weekend............so well I guess you know the answer.

    Bikes in for a full service this week, so should be just about right to stretch her legs by then.
  3. Tim, I think it is time we headed North. But in saying that, I'm not a 100% sure I can make it next weekend :cry: Will depend on having enough time to replace a back tyre.
    The met for coffee seem pretty successful, maybe we should try to make that bi-monthly or monthly :idea: c u later.
  4. Hey guys My bikes in for a full service this week to , so keen for a squirt, I had suggested tea gardens and osullivans gap but just came back from forster through that way and alot of bad dirt over the ferry from bulahadelah to ferry and then tea gardens so not the best way, probably more inclined to do the putty road and back via the old pacific hwy to gosford and through swansea etc on way home even though speedlimit is 80km\h and then 60 its still a great road on the old pacific hwy saturday would suit me better but an earlish ride on sunday would be fine too, not sure how to get from putty over to old pacific hwy so probably best if some one comes with me lol
  5. Go and get a tyre useless, not gunna get one sittin on your bum drinking coffee
  6. If the weather is good I am in for a ride preferably Sunday
    Just got back from a run up to Wollombi and back through Broke :grin:
    Perfect day for it and lots of bikes out and about
  7. OK, that didn't take long.

    Brett- I'm also tossing up having the Mrs ridin pillion, so we'll see what happens with the route, distance etc.

    Ross- If u can't see canvas you still got rubber!! hope u can make it.

    Brad- bugger about the dirt section, I've been that way a few times and it nice. As for the putty-old pacific, its a fair hike and although I'm in for ANYTHING, some newer riders may find it a bit bum numbing!!

    MZ(real name??)- would be great to have you join in!!

    A blast up to nabiac to gloucester, home on bucketts


    A day play to putty rd to ???, on to old pacific(as far south as possible) and home.

    Should we have a show of hands????

  8. Yeah Timbo I am not scared of dirt in the leats but the car was hitting massive pot holes and its very dusty dont want the CBR on that road but another way as long as it includes wooten way \ Osullivans gap I love that road so my vote is north and maybe bring gf? not sure may drop her off at bulahdelah and do wooten way five or six times by myself and go back and pick her up lol just joking but my vote is for north
  9. I just asked the Mrs if she would mind waiting at buladelah while I 'went and had fun for ......a couple of....hours' *%#$!!*^ I might bring her along all the way!!

    1 vote north
    0 vote south

  10. My two bobs worth :arrow: Raymond Terrace - Morpeth - Bolwarra - Tocal Rd to east Gresford - Dungog. Nice twisties to Stroud rd - Stroud.
    Then you have a rough tar and twisty road thru Girvan - 28ks to Bulahdelah. Got to have lunch somewhere. O'sullivans gap. The home route, would depend on time.
  11. Well, I new here, haven't been on a ride with the NETRIDERS yet, but if you don't mind I would love to come too.

    to meet you all, put faces to these names etc

    My bike is part off - road so I don't mind where we go.

    Can carry a Pillion if required!
  12. Now that sounds like a plan!! Saturday or sunday??
    and where for lunch??

  13. Don't know, can't think, got a headache, oh poo got to go to work in 1/2 hour
  14. No worries liddell, its you that needs to be scared of us !!!!! 'Lunch at ...maybe bulahdelah theres a takeaway shop at foot of osullivans gap wooten way or theres a cafe I have seen half way round called the bush turkey cafe or something similar, and waht day prefferably early like 9 start on sunday or anytime saturday
    better see if simon is keen to maybe he has netball again lol wish I had kids
  15. I'd love to join you all again guys but I don't think it's going to be possible. My son has his footy semi final on Saturday and I'm working 7pm-7am on the Saturday and Sunday nights. I would definitely need my sleep on Sunday. Hope it all comes together and ride safe.
  16. Looks like we are heading north on sunday 6th @ about 9am, scenic route to lunch at buladelah, and the return route depending on available time.
    If this is all good with everyone, I will post it on the calendar monday night.

    And how about a regular coffee on a saturday arvo?


  17. Excellent. Love it when a plan comes together.

    Good to see new people comin each time.

    Again I don't give a rats bum where we go to be honest.

    Fingers crossed for a nice day. Which ever one is chosen. Again I have no preference.

    Welcome Liddell Hope to see you on the ride.

    MZ you gonna be on the guzzi?? Had to google it but looks like a sweet ride. Fancy stickin up a pic ??
  18. Yes I will be on the Guzzi as my MZ is still not running :mad:
    I am not sure how to post a pic
  19. Spotted this in another forum boys, Might help picking a direction or at least make it a cruise this time around. Was posted 4 days ago.

    "I was speaking to a Gosford HighwayPatrol Motorcycle Cop today and he has said over the next 6 weeks, the Old Road, the Putty and a number of other popular roads where Motorcycles congregate will be targeted. "
  20. Yeah Good point Brett, Osullivans gap is a very very low traffic area, bit out of the way for sydney riders so its a good safe road as well, and are you insinuating ( can't spell ) that we may at some stage travel at or heaven for bid travel over the sign posted speed limit ?? We don't all ride Vstar cruisers some of us a carefull not to scrape varies Bike parts at every corner
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