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Newcastle and surrounds ride next Saturday?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chazpowers, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Was talk about a ride next saturday to either the nabiac bike museum or putty road, my preference would be bike museum or if people wanted to head south wisemans ferry , either way would make it a full day of steady riding and site seeing and lunch followed by ...which was also discussed at the foreshore a beer or drink at a pub or similar on the return to Newcastle, this would be a great ride for learners, new riders or experienced riders who have thouht about coming with us for a ride but have not yet got around to it, as either would be just a pleasurable ride ( weather permitting )
    SO was just asking for a show of hands who is interested and any one elses preferences and myself or Brett will post it as a formal ride seeing as how Tims not allowed to post rides any more due to his unproven connection to the rain gods!


  2. yeah, bf passed l's today, doing computer test soon. brett, you need to find time to fix the photo of my head, the last thing i want to do is scare new people off!!!!
  3. Hey leave ya melon how it is you never know it might attract people, hasn't scared any of us away ..yet and nice wave when you left the other day to very impressive, would have been funnier for you to wave with your accelerator hand though as you were accelerating lol
    The way to wisemans ferry is approx 500kms round trip and can come back via the old road very senic and probably same distance to going to the putty road buy the time you get out thre and ride the road but its up to every one else I have detailed description of the route to take and hmmm twist any ones arm can maybe have a mid week beer to disguss it mayfields on the way home from work what a coincidence!!?
  4. yes it is a coincidence!! i had to wave like that so you pair didnt start calling me names again! i dont know any of the places that you are talking about so i have no idea...i will leave it up to everyone else!!!
  5. We still did call you names
  6. well arent you a bunch of nasty bitches!!!!
  7. what time you finish Brad? Im workin til 5 this week so if that coincides with your timing then sweet. Else Im only in mayfield anyway if its after that.
    So just say when.
    I have soccer on Mun,tues and thur so if its one of those days and I have an early game I wont be able to stcik around long but will be there.

    Oh and Cat the names he is refering to had nothing to do with your funny shaped head. That's another post all toghether.
  8. :LOL: :LOL: my god you blokes are funny!!! i will be wearing a paper bag over my head next time i see ya's :LOL: :p so i guess it 'rip off Cat day' today ay?!
  9. I know we crack ourselves up. Bout as funny as a turd in a space suit. Not that I would know of course.
    Haven't shit myself in ages and can't recall the experience. That and the whole space suit thing speaks for itself.
    Maybe if Tim farted in his jump suit it would be about as close as we're gonna get. Hope it's raining when he does it and he puffs up like the Michelin man.
    What am I saying? of course it's gonna rain....Damn you TIM !!!
  10. i thought the blame for the rain was shifted over to you brett
  11. Yeah he tried but we're going to test that weak piss poor theory of his next time he goes on a ride and I don't or visa versa.
    Im willing to take wagers.

    I guess I know where your money is sitting though.
    Figure ya owe me though for the novelty shaped head thing.

    Good luck this week though. Make us proud
  12. My god I go to work for 4 hours and come back and the thread is full of idol banter and gibberish ....and no more takers on the ride next weekend I dont know why I bother with a serious thread might as well just have a novelty one ...speaking of Cats head good luck when eva it is..... wednesday night I finish bout 6pm Brett and if cats test is before then we can have celebratory drinks, and if its after then we will have pre passing drinks
  13. Just re-posting here what I posted in the O'Sullivans thread to keep things together.

    Also want to add to the good luck sentiments for Cat with her licence test. You can do it girl.
  14. Hey guys, here's another spanner for you to mull over.
    Dante (mod) has dropped me a PM to let me know a ride is on to Wollombi on the Sunday 20th.
    Not details on numbers/start time etc as yet but he is located in Hornsby. So figure maybe a few Syd riders are making the treck up.

    I told him I would throw it out there and see whats what.
    Not sure I'd be up for a 2 day ride weekend.
    Obviously I have no preference to which day at this point and since we started to arrange Saddy I would be more than happy to stick with that. Don't wanna start plans then pike out on em.
    However I could be talked into a small run on Saddy and the Syd run on Sunday if thats the general concensus
  15. Why not meet up with the Sydney guys at Woolombi? Nice enough ride from Freemans Waterhole to Woolembi, via Dwyers Ck rd( better than through Cessnock). You could probably do Woolombi and return to Newcastle in 3 hrs with lunch.
    Just a thought, I probably won't be coming along on any rides till money gets sorted out!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. thanks everyone for wishing me luck, but now im more nervous cause if i fail again you will all know and i will feel like a fool....

    i cant make it sunday due to my bike being booked out by my bf...but dont work around me.

    sorry brad, but i just cant be serious for too long. i blame brett for starting on my funny shaped head!!!

  17. ohh...and i finish work at 3:30 so im sweet for wednesday if thats the plan
  18. Yeah Sorry Brad, but I blame Cat for HAVING a funny shaped head. What can ya do but.
    At least most of the time we spend with her she will have a helmet on.

    Might look funny in summer if we're at the beach and decide on a swim but it will dry out in due course.

    Well so far what ever the choice it looks like You Brad, Cat and myself.

    Wednesday at this point works for me soccer isnt until 730 so would need to leave at 715 to make it :)
  19. hey people just thought id drop in and say hi as there another ninja rider here :p
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