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Newcastle air show

Discussion in 'NSW' started by snuff3r, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Anyone thinking about riding to Williamtown RAAF airshow this weekend? I was thinking about heading north on Saturday...

  2. I'd do the ride from Melbourne just to see this Airshow, had I been blessed with more days off from work...would need a few days (plus recovery!) for that one ;)
    Have fun snuff3r and pics too if you get a chance.
  3. Definitely, i'll take the SLR along...

    I'm looking forward to Avalon in March next year. Gonna be my first interstate ride.
  4. Let me know if you end up coming down for Avalon and maybe we can rendezvous somewhere and ride down together ?
    Go the SLR !
  5. Definitely, we'll see if we can get some interest for a bunch of Sydney NRs to come down. I can't be the only plane enthusiast up here.
  6. Mate,
    I'm sure that's not the case, but you can rest assured there's HEAPS of us plane enthusiasts down here (y)
    The more the merrier !
  7. Awesome. I'll totally remember to throw up a message closer to the date. =D

  8. Man, that was a solid ride, specially stuck on 90. I couldn't feel my hands at the end of it :]

    I wasn't able to get any pics, as i had my son in tow all day and everytime a plane went over he shat himself (he's 5). Was a good show but certainly not the best i've been to. Poor organisation in some areas and lacking in planes IMO.

    Really, really disappointed the Catalina didn't take off today (Sunday). Would have been my first cat sighting :-(

    Ahh well, it was a good ride to and from. Roll on, Avalon!
  9. There was a Cat there? Ah.... shit on a stick. I was in the area last week and spent some time watching the Hawks and Hornets land.

    My Granfather, who I spent a hell of a lot of time with as a kid was on Cats during WW2. I've always wanted to see one take off, or maybe even have a look inside one to get an idea of the conditions he flew in.

    Any idea where the Cat is next?
  10. I went to search what a Catilina was as i didnt know

    All that came up was this

    Sign me up to watch that take off to yeeeeeeeeee ha
  11. Apparently it did some fly overs on Saturday. I was there all day today and it didn't leave the tarmac. It's not one that i recognised, sorry. Solid black number. It was a farking gorgeous machine to look at, even on the ground.

    At least i got to see the spits and mustangs in the air again. Nothing like the growl of those machines overhead \\:D/

    If you're interested in the cats:

    2010 Catalina Festival – 23 October 2010

    Here’s another one for your calendar folks – the 2010 Catalina Festival.

    Preparations have begun for the fourth annual Catalina Festival at Rathmines. This year’s event will be held on Saturday 23 October 2010. The Festival will be held at the usual location at Rathmines


    Goz: This one won't give you herpes:


  12. Ah shit, I'll miss it! Oh well, hopefully the cat stays in the air for a while.

    My grandfather was WAG in them and Beauforts. He used to talk about these amazingly long patrols they'd do when he was based out of Horn Island/Port Moresby. The guys had nothing but affection for the aircraft...
  13. Same with my grandfather. He was a ol' Navy boy but he had a few run-ins with the Cats and the Sunderlands and couldn't have spoken more highly of them.

    If you're ever up Broome WA way check out the offshore Catalina ruins:


    I was up there earlier in the year and walking amongst those things is crazy sad. I'll be back there in April next year and plan on checking them out again.
  14. Your son definately requires more training, when my nephew was 5 and I took him to Avalon several years ago he loved the noise but he has spent lot of time at various noisy race tracks for most of his life and is used to it.
  15. Nice pics mate (y)
  16. Damn, nice pics, thanks fasteddie. There was a rather large bike contingent there, i was rather impressed. I wasn't aware there was a bike lot set up near the entrance though, ended up amongst the cars :-(
  17. Brilliant photos mate, spewin I didn't know about this event, otherwise I would have been there.