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[NEWC/SYD] Yamaha YZF-R6, 2000 model.

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Lukey, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Heya guys,

    Basically listing my bike up for sale as I need some funds as things are starting to get a little tight and i'd prefer to have the funds ready if I need them.

    So up for sale is my Yamaha R6, 2000 model.

    Details about the bike:
    Custom Harlequin Paint Work
    Akrapovic titanium shorty exhaust (very nice note to it)
    Braided lines
    K&N air filter
    Pilot Power 2CT
    Smoke double bubble screen (not some cheap knock-off)
    520 Chain and sprocket conversion
    42,000 Ks
    Oggy knobs
    Swingarm spools
    After market chain tensioner (as the stock ones weren't great).
    NSW Rego till December
    Spare set of fairings, radiator, few sprockets, etc.

    So i'll just go through and list stuff about the bike worth mentioning here under two headings, sure you can figure it out!

    The Good:
    - Starts first time every time, very very reliable bike. It has served me very well and is exceptionally easy to maintain.
    - 520 Chain and Sprocket conversion makes the bike so much more enjoyable to ride and gives a whole new realm of power to the bike. It sacrifices some top speed, but i've personally found it much more enjoyable like this (who rides at 270kmph anyway?..). Only thing to be careful of is it will pull off the front wheel in first gear, and if you have your girlfriend on the back probably best to be a little careful or you'll get some thuds in the back! :p.
    - Has been very well maintained and never pushed too hard. I had every intention to getting it onto the track but unfortunately this never happened. It also comes with a spare set of fairings, spare radiator (never used but assumed working condition) as well as some old sprockets etc. Most of the kilometres are doing the 500km round trip back home every second weekend or so.
    - Tyres are very good, front would be 80%+ whilst back probably 90%+. Rear was only just replaced recently. Front about a month or so ago. Have only ridden it to and from Uni since.
    - Comes with a rack! Very handy, and makes the bike a whole lot more useful. Can squeeze a carton in there into a ventura bag as well (sorry ventura bag not included).
    - Bike has a few other after market bits and pieces, I simply forget every little thing now tbh. Like the knobs for a stand, etc.

    The not so good:
    - Paintwork is hot from a distance but not so much up close. Front right has some scratching present from previous owner having pulling off onto some gravel and using the breaks a little too much. Like I said, from 1-2m away you don't notice it but once up close you'll notice the scratches. I had intentions to getting it resprayed, but tbh just never bothered. It doesn't make the bike handle better, go faster, or more enjoyable so I figured why waste the money. Does come with spare fairings you could paint etc though too if you wanted to.
    - Speedo is out. this is due to the 520 chain and sprocket. Similar story to above you can buy a "speedo healer" I believe they're called, but I never bothered because I never really needed to. It's easy to judge what speed you're at given the traffic or you can work it out with a friend what 60kph is equal to, etc. A benefit to this is that it does mean the kms on the bike would actually be less, so 42,000kms is more likely about 40,000kms or so. The bike has only had the kit fitted for 8000kms or so mind you.
    - Currently has a minor wiring issue where the headlight isn't reaching ground properly. I haven't had time to find the wire as yet but have simply ran a wire from the headlight ground socket to the frame of the bike so it works fine in the meantime. It should be an easy fix and will hopefully get it done in Uni break holidays.

    I THINK that covers mostly everything about the bike. Would be awesome on the track, but unfortunately just never ended up getting it there. There's no doubt stuff I have forgotten, but it's a beautiful bike which is a dream to ride really.

    Price: $6800 with spares etc. Ono of course :)

    Bike is currently located in Newcastle and inspection is more than welcome. I can of course ride it to Sydney as it's not too far, or meet half way etc.

    Any questions feel free to ask, pictures are coming but the dust storm needs to go away a bit more yet so I can give her a good clean and get some pictures!


    Can contact me here, but better option is via mobile (04two182three22zero) or via email, lukeylg@tpg.com.au.
  2. Nice bike.

    Interesting price.. but good with the sale
  3. Price drop to $5900 this weekend only. Without spare fairings.

    edit: Am working on pictures today sorry for slowness camera recent died a horrible death in a fish tank :p
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Not open for further replies.