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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by GTR-90D, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. G day,
    My dear ridaz.
    I've finally got my L's and about to take the road to buying a bike and protective gear.

    Not sure what I wanna buy yet but maybe a ZZR250 for starters. Is there anything I need to know about them?
    What model is best?
    Do I need a winter and summer jacket and gloves?
    Will $300 helmet and a $1000 helmet do they same job? I understand its the construction. plastic/fibreglass and carbon fibre, plus graphics.

    Ok this is a question that you may find stupid but I'll see how it goes.

    If you see a bike you like and you want to test ride it (private sale, maybe even at bike shop) Being some1 who just got their ridaz license and still not completely confident becos of only 3.5 hours (even less) riding time.
    Do you just take the plunge and say ok I'll test ride it and hope for the best?
    I guess it would be best to take a friend with you who rides right and then if you like it and buy it tell him/her to ride it back home?

    Thanx in advance
  2. That would be what I'd do, and I'm sure that there would be a Netrider somewhere near with the experience and skill to look at and ride a machine and let you know whether or not you should buy it....

    Oh, and, welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Welcome mate :) Whereabouts in sydney are you? Should come along to one of the coffee night meets thats close to you :)

    Don't know what you want to know about the zzr, theres nothing in particular to look out for, just the normal - service history, state of consumables, chain, sprockets, tyres, coolants, etc. and checking for damage on handebar ends, mirrors, exhaust, fairing, etc.

    If you want to know anything in particular about it let me know.

    The zzr250 hasn't changed since it was come out, its all the same model so don't worry about that. In 03 there was a 50c fuel filter put in but thats the only different really, so don't worry about which year you get.

    Best thing to do for starters is get a jacket with removeable layers. I personally have a dri rider climate control jacket that is just mesh and armour when you take out the 2 other layers - a warm layer and a wet weather layer. It all zips together for those cold days.

    Gloves wise, get something with some ventilation for summer, they shouldn't be too bulky, etc. but still with good protection. I use the same gloves in winter unless its really really cold or when its raining, I have a $20 cheapo pair that I just spray with silicone protectant - because I don't want my good pair getting manky.

    A $1000 helmet isn't 3 times better than a $300 one. Get something with SNELL approval as well as the compulsory one (they all have the compulsory one of course). My agv helmet was 300. I'll be buying one in a while closer to $500, something reduced from 700+ if I can. Most important thing is to get a helmet that fits well - meaning when its on, you should be comfortable on the top of your head, and when you pull the helmet down, your cheeks should squish with it, if that makes sense. If your cheeks don't move with the helmet, its not righting right - the guys in the shop can help you get something that fits. Have the helmet on for 10 minutes to see what its like after a while.

    A dealer will probably let you test ride it if you have your Ls, but you will be signing something saying I accept to buy if you damage it. Best to get someone you know who rides to check it out for you - being so fresh to riding you won't know what to look for anyway. Someone from the forum might be nice to check it out for you.

    As for private sales, no way would I let any L plater test ride my bike. If they had the money in hand saying they just wanted to take it down the road to see that it was ok, I'd draw up a brief contract along the lines of you scratch it, you buy it today in full... but my bro is in contract law so I'd be comfortable doing that.

    And yes, getting someone to ride it home for you would be a wise idea.

    I'm on msn if you want to talk about zzr in more detail.
  4. Hi guys thanx for the quick response.
    I'm in Parramatta.

    I actually went down to Action motorcycles to check out some of their machines.

    I did want to buy a hyosung GT650R at one time and they had 2x 2005 models there one was in pretty bad shape.

    I've notices they don't walk up to you to serve up, it happened to me twice. hmm no idea why.

    2 ZZRs i'm interested in are these:

    My bike budget is about $4k plus gear(abt $1.5K)

    What you think of these two?
  5. ZZR's have a wide turning circle - keep that in mind for your P's test

    Apart from that, they're good bikes!

    Are you set on a ZZR? or have you had a look at others, apart from the Hyosungs? Do you want a fully faired sports bike/touring bike? or a naked bike?

    What kind of riding will you do? mainly commuting with some freeway/backroads/twisties?
  6. The first one I'd say 3000 assuming its got proof of service history.

    The second one 3500.

    These prices I've said are 'would be a pretty good deal for you' if you got them at that price.

    I'd definitely go for the second one though, 5 years newer, he's already said the consumeables are fresh. I'd negotiate down to 3400ish if I could on the basis that it will need rego. And that would be a good price for you.

  7. Well I really not picky but I do like bikes with fairings. I've only looked at hyosungs, ZZRs and gs500 thats about it.
    What else deserves a honorable mention?
    What bike do U recommend as a 'weekend' rider, a more sporty one for roads like putty road and bells line of road etc.

    I commute everyday in my company car and the biek will be a weekend thing
  8. If I did my Ls and Ps again and I wasnt going to commute at all, I'd go for a sporty cbr250rr, fzr250, zx2r, etc. as they are 10x sportier and have alot more top end.

    But for what you'll pay for a reasonable condition 15 year old one, you could be getting a 3-4 year old zzr/gpx/vtr/gs500, etc. But its a tradeoff.
  9. hmm, you still think with a sports bike the more practice you have, when it comes to the test the U turns and weaving will be easy?
  10. Dont buy a bike based on the test. The test can be done on a sports bike. You can hire one of their cb250s if you think that will help.
    Buy a bike that you want to ride. Something you will be proud of, something that is fun.
  11. +1

    Yes the test will be harder on a sportsbike. But as rock says, the test is just 1 day, its not impossible on a sportsbike, you will be a better rider for learning to do it on one, and if all else fails you can rent one.
  12. I was thinking about the GPX250R or ZZR250R,
    How different are these to bikes rockjob?
  13. Alot of the parts are interchangeable. Their frames and front fairings are different. Thats about it.
    ZZRs look better imo. The annoying thing about the gpx is every time you drop it the front indicators get smashed. However since they are separate from the fairing, that might actually be a bonus.

    I say just look around for both, and when a good deal comes along snap it up (gpx or zzr)
  14. Hehe


    The gpx has slightly smaller wheels (16 instead of zzr's 17), different gearing (revvs lower in general). Its 85% the same bike, but the zzr costs more as it is fully faired.

    If you like the gpx looks you might as well get one as they will generally be considerably cheaper when comparing ones of the same age/kms/condition, etc. Eg. $4.5k gets you 2004-5 gpx with medium kms vs 98-2000 zzr with same kms.
  15. Thanx guys you are champions :)

    Bought a OGX helmet today from 549 to 299 good price and style is nice not the best.
    I can't see myself getting a Shoei as yet even thought bikebiz has them on sale for about $560.

    Also got a pair of HORNEE jeans, the draggin dont fit my body too damn tight even one size up. Makes me look weird and uncomfortable.

    Now looking at gloves I dun see myself spending $140 for some aplinestar gloves any1 have a good suggestion on gloves for summer with excellent ventilation?
  16. I got a pair of short shift gloves for $60... Or buy some dirt bike gloves.
  17. Do they provide enough protection? Are they leather?
  18. Define "enough" to what extent :p They might provide excellent protection, provided you dont fall off :shock:
  19. lol.
    Its one of those pros and cons questions I guess.

    You can't really have the best of both worlds and if you do you are paying a hand for it.

    I guess enough fall protection.
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