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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Knuckle, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Gday boys and girls, new here but been riding for a few years,

    cheers, Alex
  2. do I get a free bike jacket for the ad in my first post ( pet hate,.... ads)
    Where can you go to not see any ads? ........to sleep!!!
  3. Welcome , where do you hail from ?
  4. Gday GoldNine , I'm frikkin 60 YO :nailbiting:, in Moe in the Latrobe Valley, Vic , and I'm riding an 08 Bonneville, done a few mods (Ikons, Rearsets, Steering Damper, Predator Pipes, etc) its not a sports bike but I'm over the speed but love the twisty's and I ride every chance I get. Theres plenty of twisty roads around here , its a pity they aren't in the best condition, but you just pick the best ones for the rides. I also have a 98 T595 Daytona needing a bit of work ,....I'm thinking about selling it at the moment.

    Cheers Alex
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  5. Good on you Alex - there's plenty of great people on Netrider in and around the general Melbourne vicinity and surrounding regions , and I'm sure they'll post up greetings to you in due course .

    Love the roads in and around your area too !

  6. Welcome, great to have another senior rider joining up!
  7. No worries Hornet,

    Cheers Alex
  8. Download adblock if you don't like ads :)

    welcome bro.