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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by fzs600, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm on the Yorke Peninsula and own a Yamaha FZS600 1998, ( my pride and joy) and yes if I could bring it inside, I would. My other bike is a Honda CB400/4 Supersport 1976, mostly restored, justy needs a few tissy ups. Am my own mechanic with all the easy bits, i.e plugs, oil changes, chain lubes etc. Would rather service the bikes and get oily hands than be in the house cooking, washing etc... Am also a member of the Vintage Japanese Motorbike Club.
    I have a Youtube page titled biketonick if you want to have a look. I am also the newsletter editor for the Veteran Vintage Motorcycle Club of NYP. I love riding and I feel far safre on a bike than in a car! Go figure!
    Hope to contribute in some way here. The forums always make good reading.

    Cheers for now

  2. Welcome.
  3. mate ...Welcome (just noticed you were a chick...DAMN IT...)...so...are you hot?? do you have pics for us ??....we live for picture's.

    but it's great to have someone on board who's actively involving themselve's in the motorcycling community to the extent you are with the newsletter and joining different riding organisations/groups

    look forward to your input on this wonderful site - do you by chance have a online copy or pictures of your newsletter we could see?
  4. welcome, lady :)

    nice to hear you've preserved the old 400/4, they'll be a cult bike the further time gets away from when they were new
  5. another female 'mechanic' or minded :) welcome to NR, if you've read some things on here, you'd appreciate the 'variety' of humans on here :) all come with sense of humor, sense of pleasure and make no bloody sense at times lol Reckon you'd fit in just fine :)
  6. Thanks for the welcome, I have only just taken on the role as n/l etter editor, it is only a small club but still a handful, esp when you have to come up with items to add , pics and anything that people may like to read. I love the CB400, not as much as my Fazer, but I have always wanted one - just for the header pipes! And both my bikes are red - so they go faster! I hope to contribute in some way - with something - m/b related. I will d/load some pics later, I love to brag and boast! and the more I delve into the world of m/bikes and clubs the more I find how good everyone is. I've been riding since 1998. So still learning. My favourite haunts are the Adelaide hills - I used to live there and was on my L's and learnt to love the corners.!
    87crisis - hot!? course I'm hot! We're all hot! We're motorbike riders!!
    And my nickname is Kezza, feel free to use it - nicely!!
  7. Welcome fellow chicky, or well so to speak!
  8. Thanks QNBEE,
    Do you know where on the website I can add photos? I am also on the lookout for a decent tide somewhere, preferably with other riders. I have done a lot of riding on my own and it gets boring at times. From here I am nearly two hours from Adelaide but that doenst bother me. I often got to Adelaide Hills just for lunch!