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Newby seeking to travel australia by bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Snok, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Hi There,

    I am Snok, from Europe. I travel since a while now and I always travelled by car, 4wd, truck (transformed as massive campervan). Last year I was cruising in central australia with a 4wd, and loved it. Last month, a bit bored in Darwin I get my Learner's for motor bike and now I get the feeling of traveling by bike, in NT, SA and WA. But even if i have no problem choosing the prefect car for traveling, I am lost about bike. So, well, that's why I am here, find out and chat about what bike, what it the most important stuff to carry with (mechanic) how to load, and all it needs to travel prepered. Hope I'll find good people here and have nice and interesting discution about bikes.


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  2. Howdy and welcome SnokSnok. You'll finding plenty of info in the forums to help you decide on lots of thing. Do a search and be prepared to read lots! :)
  3. Are u still on your L license ?
    How much $ do u have to spend on a bike ?
  4. G'day and welcome to NR, SnokSnok. There are many Learner-approved bikes available as you probably already know. You can narrow your search by determining where and how you'll ride - especially if you're planning to ride a lot of dirt and gravel roads which will be better on dual-sport bikes and tyres.
  5. welcome aboard
  6. Yeah i am still on my L's and i plan to spend max $3000.
    Yeah i plan to ride different types of Road. Especially the tanami Road if duable and other awd or 4wd road.

    Thanks u all for your answers, i'll start on readings here. Cheers
  7. Welcome Snok, The Tanami track is a serious road and very isolated. People have and do die if they break down or have an accident. At least 80% of it is unsealed with corrugations. You need to carry at least fuel for 350 - 400k and spare water etc. I am not trying to discourage you but you probably need to get some more experience under your belt first.
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  8. SnokSnok , just read this. We did the Tanami last year in a 4x4. Billiluna community does not like it if you arrive outside of hours or on a Sunday. Balgo community is 35 k's off the track and you need to call them before entering strictly before noon only. Rabbit Flat Roadhouse is no longer operational. Yuemendu wasn't very friendly, although there's supposed to be fuel there, we never did find out where they hide it so we kept on trucking to Tilmouth road house 199 kms from Alice.

    Maybe give this one a miss until you get a proper touring set up? The corrugations will destroy most bikes.
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  9. Hum, thks for your advices, as you say, it must be better that I get some experience on a bike before doing this kind of tracks...


  10. There are a lot of other roads to tour that you can have a great experience on and sample both the countryside and the local people. If you start a thread in Roads and Touring you should be able to get some specific advice. As you are restricted to a LAMS bike and you sound like you want to do some off road a road/trail bike would be a good option. Camping gear if you intend to camps. i.e. Tent or Swag etc. Some of this gear you may already have if you were touring by car.