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Newby sayin Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Memphis, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hey there guys.

    I've just started looking into getting a bike licence and my first road bike.

    Stumbled across this forums which looks quite good.

    I've been to bike shops, but its like asking a Ford man what the best holden is to buy, and seriously makes the decision of purchasing a new bike extremly hard.

    I'm a 6'2" Fella with a weight of 115kg so i'm not small, the thought of me on a little 125 or 250 just doesn't feel right, even on some of the ones I have tried in the shops.

    I've played with dirt bikes on country propertys before and never dropped 1. But i'm not sayin I have any skills...

    I'm going to be taking the rider training course in December, so I would like to look at getting myself a nice crissy present and supporting the Economy :D (well thats what I tell the missus)

    The bikes I have looked at are:
    Suzuki SV650U and GSX650FU ( I like these )
    Also the:
    Yamaha XVS650 V-Star Custom

    These bikes feel quite good when I sit on them, however I've never been on a bike for over 1 hour, so the riding position I don't understand that well.

    What I am looking for / looking to do with the bike, Basically I'm interested on having a nice ride on the weekend, I don't want to kill myself so I'm not going to push that hard. I'd like something that will last me a few years. I'll be looking to ride around the costal roads of NSW and some inner roads / twistys when I have learn't quite a lot more skill.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Welcome. In my biased opinion, forget the cruiser, get the SV - stick an exhaust on it and you'll never look back. :)
  3. Well, I do like the SV and the GSX, my only concern is that I've read other articles that say never go over 400 - 500 in engine size as a learner...

    Would most people agree or does common sense come into it?
    Also due to my weight and size, would this seriously affect the performance of a 250?
  4. Hi Memphis

    Welcome. I'm a newbie to Netrider and have found lots of good advice scattered through its pages.
    I'll be picking up my GSX650FU (always emphisise the FU) next week,so after a few days of riding circles in deserted car parks I'll try my hand In the review section hopefully not the I dropped my new bike section

    All the best when you get your two wheels

  5. I'll be interested in hearing what you think and how you believe it would go as a first bike.
  6. Hey guys

    I've decided to change my mind on getting a brand spankin new bike, rather going for a second hand one. But I need some assistance.

    I'm thinking of the GS500F

    They have enough power to suit and handle me.

    I'm going to look for a second hand one, I've noticed they are usually around the $5000 mark.

    This way I can spend a lot more cash on the safety gear than before. Which the missus prefers :D ...

    When buying a second hand GS500F, what should I look out for? What would you consider too many kms on the clock? ect... Any assistance is appreciated.