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Newby looking for advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by forissan, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Gday all, I am geting my licence after putting it off too long and some advice on what bike to look at would be apreiciated. as I live in a rural area and am looking primaraly to comute to work each day witch will include about 20km of gravel daily, as well as the ability to ride to brisbane about 150km away and toowoomba about 50km. I am at bit of a loss of what sork of bike I should be looking at, any advice would be apriciated.

  2. my first thought would be a dirt squirter, but i dont know about the range on them, maybe someone else could help out?? something like a TT or XR would be the go if the range is good enuff.

    gravel isn't TOO bad on a road bike, but its certainly not as comfy as on a dirty :? biggest problem is the tyres are not made for slippy stones and i've never seen anything that remotely looks like nobbies on a road bike...

    what kinda bike are you really keen on? cos that'll be the biggest decider :grin:
  3. Yep not sure if choice of bike is going to be as important as choice of tyres - tyres like these would probably be a good option. If you're just going to be riding on a gravel road then you don't really need a full-on dirtbike, especially if you plan on doing long runs at highway speeds. Any basic commuter bike like a CB250, GS500 etc. fitted with the right tyres should be able to deal with gravel easy and be a lot more suited to the highway. Even a fuly faired sportsbike would be fine but'll be expensive to fix if you drop it in the dirt.
  4. position will help a bit too, but yeah, thats what i was getting at with the tyres.

    a naked sports bike with intermediate tyres (again, can you get them?) would be perfect i reckon, but thats just me :grin:
  5. If money/restrictions aren't an issue then the new Triumph Scrambler would probably be perfect. Otherwise just find a naked roadbike you like and try to source some dual-purpose tyres.
  6. I think i am liking the ikea of more of a road bike than a dirt bike, mainly becouse of the highway traveling, thanks for the sugestions so far will definatly look ito tyre choices. cheers
  7. Hi Forissan, I think an Enduro style bike maybe what your after , it is designed to be a crossover bike ie some a work between a road and a dirt bike. Something like BMW GS series, Suzuki Vstrom, or XL650V Transalp
  8. I've never had a problem with any of my bikes on gravel, then again I've never owned a dedicated sportsbike. If you're not confident, I would think that a small to medium sized cruiser styled bike might be the go. Low center of gravity, stable steering geometry and wide handle bars for extra leverage. Make sure that the tyres aren't too wide as they'll float around a lot.
  9. Take a look at the newly re-released KLE 500 Kawasaki.
    Perfect for what you want.
  10. It would be a shame to buy a dirt-mainly bike for such a small amount of dirt riding, because you'd have to make too many compromises for the majority of your riding. I'd buy a naked bike, and ride real carefully through the dirt section, and then ear 'ole it everywhere else :LOL:
  11. I used to have to ride on dirt a lot, and the Honda VTR250 that I had at the time did a great job.

    If you're just cruising along, any roadbike will be suitable, but one with a good ride position (for good forward vision) and no fairing (you'll get too many paint chips) will be best.

    If you want to do the odd 150km (one way?) trip, then I'd stay well away from dirtys.
  12. Been looking through the online bike adds and just wondering if anyone has heard of the Aprilia bikes I havn't before. are they worth looking at second hand. :?: